The information below is used with permission of Calvin Harkrader

ID: I8884

Name: Uriah HUBBARD
Sex: M
Birth: 1780 in Cherokee Indian Nation East, Georgia
Death: BEF 1851

Reported to have been born in South Carolina
Called Riley
Uriah and his siblings were raised by his Uncle From Don Hubbard a descendant of Uriah's brother Joseph. "Uriah and Nellie moved with the Hubbard brothers between 1810(All were listed in the 1810 Pendelton census) and 1817 to Hall County, Georgia. My gggg-grandfather(Joseph) remained in Hall Co., till his death in 1849. Brothers John and Uriah moved across the river to Lumpkin Co. John stayed in Lumpkin, Uriah volunteered to leave GA and move west to the new Cherokee Nation Don read an account in an old family letter that Cynthia Hubbard (Brackett) died on a trip back to GA from OK. " Uriah was a pioneer in the counties of Hall, Forsyth and Lumpkin Co., GA (per Shadburn book, page 601)

Uriah took a 640 acre reservation on Wahoo Creek in Hall County, by right of his wife, with 10 members in his family. He later sold it to GA commissioners on June 21, 1823 for $1350.00.

Information from Brenda Jackson

About 1830 - he reported 12 children and took an oath required by GA law to remain in CN. Source: Whites Among the Cherokee, pg 62-64
" Also in this letter book is a list of 208 names of persons who had applied for residence in the Cherokee Nation.
1831 - A List of white men who have Indian Families
Uriah Hubbard, wife, 12 in family, farmer
1831 - License for residence in the Cherokee Nation upon their having filed proper affidavits, has been issued to the following persons, viz.:"

Uriah Hubbard, wife, 12 children, farmer
Wm. Wood, no wife, 3 children, shoemaker
Benjamin Bracket (Benj. Bracket), no wife, no children, no occupation listed
Michael C. Wood, ditto
Mya (min?) Brackett (Mya min Brackett) ditto (Mige)
James Wood, ditto
Abraham F. Wood (Abraham M. Wood), wife, 1 child, no occupation
Locke Langley, no wife, children or occupation
Andrew Wood, wife, 5 children, blacksmith
Noah Langley, wife, 6 children, miller
John Langley, wife, 8 children farmer

In checking census records I find:

1830 - Uriah Hubbard in Hall County, Georgia living next door to Benjamin Brackett
He has 4 sons and 2 daughters still at home.
Testimony from Matilda Hubbard Parris would correspond with the record as she states that she "had 4 brothers, one died, three returned with me to the old nation and came again with me back. Only one of them now living. I was not married when I first came to this country, but was the next time I came." That would make Matilda one of the females and probably Cynthia is the other as she had not married Mige yet. (From Testimony for Benjamin Brackett, JR. Dawes App)William after John H. Hubbard died.

Information from Anna Temple Wilson from the internet

1810 US Census, Pendleton Dist, SC; Page 237
Uriah Hubbard, 1 male

1820 US Census, Hall Co., GA; Page 81
Real Hubbard

1830 US Census, Hall Co., GA; Page 132 (next door Benjamin Bracket)
Uriah Hubbard, Males 0100001 Females 0020001

Whites Licensed to Live in Indian Territory, ca. 1831
On 22 December 1830, Governor George R. Gilmer of Georgia signed into law an Act requiring all white persons residing within the limits of the Cherokee nation to take an oath of allegiance to the State of Georgia and be licensed by the State. On this list Uriah Hubbard, Benjamin Brackett, Mijah Brackett all listed as farmers.

A STATEMENT showing the names of Cherokee emigrants from
provements, and which have been valued; the number and description
United States to assess the same, in conformity with the treaty of the
which have enrolled for a full removal.

?Date of Names of emigrants. Number Number Total On what In what No. of Value No. of
?Valuation. of of number waters State houses of acres of
? Indians slaves of located. houses high
? family land
Oct. 4 Uriah Hubbard 8 6 14 Cane creek Georgia 6 249.00 37±
7 95.00 26±
5 Abraham Wood 4 2 6 Do. Do. 5 141.00 67
5 54.00 19
6 Mich. C. Wood 3 3 Do. Do. 2 145.00
3 62.00 73
One other department Lock creek Do. 3 16.50


Peggy Langley 3 3 Chistatee Do. 1 15.00

Samuel Terrell 1 1 Chistatee Do. 06

27 777.50

a Good hewed log house, 20 by 26, single roof, good upper and under floor,
and stairs very good.; upland good; fences all in good repair. b Two good new
houses well finished; good upper and under floor; roof nailed; one door shutters
hung with iron hinges; good land; good out houses and good fences. c Two new
houses well finished; roof nailed on; good floors; door shutters hung with H and
L hinges; best quality high land; good fences &c. d Indifferent cabin; good land
and good fence. e Is very good, and good fence; no improvement except t
cleared land.
the east to the west of the Mississippi, who have abandoned their im-
of their location, &c., by the appraisers appointed by the President of the
6th of May, 1828, made with the Cherokees west of the Mississippi, and.

Price Aggregate No. of Retail Aggreg'e No. Value No. Value No. Ind'l Aggreg'e No Price Aggreg'e Whole No ?
per acre value of acres value value of of of of mills of value of value of of value of amount of ?
of high high land low of low low land lots lots or draw apple peach improvements ?
land land land wells trees trees ?
5.00 185.00 5 15.00 18.00 60 1.00 60.00

6.00 159.00 60 .75 45.00
344.00 15.00 18.00 105.00 26.00 19

6.00 42.00

5.00 95.00

4.50 126.00

263.00 458.00 20

4.50 328.50 54.00
12 7.00 84.00 100.00

328.50 84.00 4.50 540.50 21

12 7.00 84.00 - 99.00 22

6.00 36.00 36.00 23

971.50 168.00 19.50 18.00 108.00 2,059.50

CHEROKEE NATION, October 17, 1832.

We do hereby certify that the above roll contains a true statement and
valuation of the improvements abandoned by Uriah Hubbard. Abram Wood, Michael C.
Wood, Peggy Langley, and Samuel Terrell, Cherokee emigrants from the east to the
Cherokee nation west of the Mississippi, and that the land was carefully
admeasured, the buildings carefully examined, the fruit trees counted, and prices
affixed thereto, agreeably to the common and customary prices of the country and
the best of our judgments. Given under our hands the date above written.
J. M. C. MONTGOMERY, Assessing Agent.
JACOB M. SCUDDER, Assessing Agent.

The above is some of the unfinished business that was not finished before the
enrolling business was stopped, but is now valued by order of Major Currey, Agent
Cherokee Indian removals.

Cherokee Claims, 4th Board of Commissioners, July 1846 - July 1847

Date: June 9, 1847

924 The heirs of Uriah Decree rejecting claim,
Hubbard do Reservation - - - June 11, 1847.

Siler Roll
1851 Census of Cherokee's East of the Mississippi
Accepted or Rejected Additional Claims

A Statement of persons who claim to have Cherokee blood with facts in
each case for the Commissioners consideration

Benjamin Brackett 47
(Lives in Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Susan Brackett 42 wife
Michael Ann Brackett 20 Daughter
Jesse M Brackett 18 Son
Marion Brackett 16 Son (John Francis Marion)
Thomas Brackett 14 Son
Catherine Brackett 11 Daughter
Adam Brackett 6 Son
Sarah Brackett 3 Daughter
Benjamin Brackett Jr. 1 Son

Lock Langley 46
(lives in Gilmer County, Georgia)
Sarah Langley 38 Wife
Albert Langley 22 Son
Balus Langley 21 Son
Ann Langley 19 Daughter
Samuel Langley 15 Son
Thomas Langley12 Son
Susan Langley 11 Daughter
Josiah Langley 10 Son
Caroline Langley 8 Daughter
Franky Langley 4 Daughter
Lucy Langley 1 Daughter

John Langley Jr. 24
(Son of Lock Langley and lives in Cass County, Georgia)
Sarah J Langley 4 Daughter
Jack A Langley 2 Son
Mary M Langley 1 Daughter

Mige Brackett 40 Widower
(Lives in Gilmer County, Georgia)
Balus Brackett 16 Son
John Brackett 13 Son
Bradford Brackett 10 Son
Franky Brackett 8 Daughter
Daniel Brackett 6 Son
Martha Brackett 5 Daughter
James Brackett 3 Son
The wives of Benjamin Brackett - Lock Langley and Mige Brackett
- claim they are sisters and daughters of Mr. Hubbard whose wife was
a Wilkenson and a native of the Cherokee Nation, this statement is
corroborated by persons of high standing who have long been acquainted
with Cherokee affairs, I find however that their claim has been in
disputed by some persons but from the best information I can get they
have hitherto enjoyed the benefits of the Treaty.

Father: John H. HUBBARD , Sr. b: ABT 1763 in Halifax County, Virginia
Mother: Mary ODOM

Marriage 1 Nellie WILKERSON b: 1788 in Pendleton District, South Carolina
Married: ABT 1807 in Pendleton District, South Carolina 1
Margaret HUBBARD b: 1807 in North Carolina
Susan HUBBARD b: 1809 in South Carolina
Sarah HUBBARD b: 1812 in North Carolina
Cyntha HUBBARD b: 1813
Mary Polly HUBBARD b: 1813 in Cherokee Indian Nation East, Georgia
Elizabeth HUBBARD b: ABT 1815
Thomas P. HUBBARD b: ABT 1817
Matilda HUBBARD b: 1818 in Cherokee Indian Nation East, Georgia
Daniel HUBBARD b: ABT 1822
Washington HUBBARD b: ABT 1824
Wilkerson A. HUBBARD b: SEP 1822 in Cherokee Indian Nation East, Georgia

ID: I20850
Name: Edward Wilkinson , Sr. 1
Sex: M
Name: Edward Wilkinson
Birth: BET 1710 AND 1720 in Colleton County, South Carolina
Death: 1783 in SC 1
Death: 1783 in Probably Greenville County, SC

From Journals to the House of Representatives, 1783-1784, March 30, 177
6, Edward Wilkinson, a Justice for Ninety Six District, S.C.
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen, ....The death of Mr. Wilkinson, the late Age
nt for Indian Affairs, renders it necessary to appoint another without lo
ss of time from the Respresentation of the distresses of the Nation, for w
ant of Supply of Necessaries, I have been induced, by Advice of the Pri
vy Council to furnish.....Jan 25, 1783

Indian Agent of the 96th District Spartanburg County, South Carolina
At this time the name Wilkinson changed to Wilkerson

Edward Wilkerson, for expenses attending the line between this province
and the Cherokee Indians, including the 500 pounds voted formerly for t
same. Edwrd Wilkerson for his attendance at the running said line, 150
pounds. 1767 AD.

From South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research Vol. 5-6 page 187
Edward Wilkerson was made Commissioner of Peace for the Cherokee District.
From: Citizens and Immigrants of South Carolina 1795, by Warren, page 67
Charles Town, July 25, 1766

The lieutenant Governor, we hear has appointed Edward Wilkerson, Esq. to
be commandant of Fort Prince George, Keehowee
From: House Journal 6th Jan. through 26 March 1784, page 568
Tuesday 18 March, 1784. A motion was made and seconded that a committee
be appointed to inquire into the late Edward Wilkerson s purchase of
lands from the Cherokee Indians.. ordered it be taken into consideration

The House took into consideration the report of the committee to whom w
referred the case of hiers of Edward Wilkerson, Esq. deceased which bei
read through, was agreed to as follows. Reports that in their opinion
John Wilkerson, Elizabeth Wilkerson, Edward Wilkerson and the youngest
son, his name not known, children of the late Edward Wilkerson shall ea
be allowed a grant of 640 acres in any part of the purchase made by said
Edward Wilkerson from the Cherokee Indians.

Father: Christopher, Esq., Captain WILKINSON b: 1667
Mother: Elizabeth FARR

Information above from Jan LeBlanc online file.

Father: Christopher Wilkinson b: ABT 1667 in Croft Durham England
Mother: Elizabeth Farr b: BET 1690 AND 1700

Marriage 1 Cherokee Mollie Wolfe b: BET 1745 AND 1750 in Cherokee Nation East
Elizabeth Wilkerson b: ABT 1770 in Near Keeowe
John Wilkerson b: BEF 1770 in Near Keeowe
Unknown Wilkerson b: AFT 1770 in Near Keeowe
Edward Wilkerson , Jr. b: 1762 in Near Keeowe

Edward worked close with Stuart and Cameron also Parris durning this time frame