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Semi Weekly Waterloo Courier

February 15, 1901

J.H. Goen is Dead

Was Pioneer of Western Buchanan County

Father of Brilliant Editor of the Independence Conservative

Interesting Memories of Pioneers of Blackhawk

J. H. Goen, father of L. W. Goen, editor of the Independence Conservative and one of the earliest settlers of Westburg township, Buchanan county died at his home in Martin, Tennessee, Tuesday morning after an extended illness of bronchitis in his 69th year.

The conservative contains the following interesting biographical sketch;

James Haywood Goen was born in Hawkins county, Tennessee, in the mountainous eastern portion of the picturesque and almost inaccessible valley of clinch river, in a locality now included in Hancock county, a subdivision of the original Hawkins county. His father was Crispen Goen, who came from North Carolina whither his father, Wm. Goen had removed after the revolutionary war, from South Carolina where the earliest American records of the family show his people to have been engaged on the right side of the struggle for American Independence. Crispen Goen had a large family of whom James Haywood was the youngest but one. In 1836 his mother died. Crispen married again, and in 1842 removed to southern Indiana, locating with his family in Jackson county. James H. came west at the age of 22 spending some months in Illinois In 1855 came to Buchanan county and bought from the government eighty acres of land in section 18 Westburg township, three miles south of Jessup, to which he afterward added another eighty, the quarter section constituting the farm he occupied for over thirty years. The winter of 1855-56 he spent in Minnesota


Returning in the spring of 1856 he was employed for a time in operating a sawmill on Spring Creek just across the line in Blackhawk county, a few miles southwest of what is now Shady Grove. September 25, 1856 he was married to Miss Louisa M. Sabin, the second daughter of John R. Sabin who had entered and occupied the farm in southern Westburg now owned by Matthew Stewart. Mr. Sabin and family came from Rock county, Illinois, a few years before. His native state was Ohio. The maiden name of the wife and mother had been Lois Ann Parent and she too was a native of Ohio. Mr Sabin removed to Missouri just after the war where he died some years later. Mrs. Sabin died there a few years ago at an advanced old age. Mr. Goen and his young wife removed to their own land in 1857 and occupied a one room log house until 1864 when a neat five room frame house was built, the lumber being purchased of Z. Stour, who still lives among us. Some years later the house was added to and this remained their home until the sudden death of Mrs. Goen., Feb. 8, 1888. A few months later Mr. Goen sold the farm to G. W. Dickinson and removed to Jessup. His marriage to Mrs. Hattie Hubbard, a daughter of Peter Cox, occurred in 1880. For many years Mr. Goen had felt a growing inclination to return to the less rigorous climate of his native state, and in 1891 he sold his property in Jessup and located with his family at Martin, a town of 2,000 situated in Western Tennessee on the Illinois Central railroad. There he made some investments in farm and town property, constituting the place his home for life. He occupied the pleasant home in the edge of town and until the date of his last illness spent the evening of his days as he had so often dreamed of doing with enough congenial occupation to maintain his interest and usefulness in life and not enough labor or care to become irksome. He twice visited his Iowa relatives and friend in 1893 and 1896. In December 1897 he suffered from a severe attack of bronchitis and complications resulting from the grip. Since then his health has been poor. He was confined to the house since last summer and for some weeks past to his bed. He suffered little pain at any time and his mind remained clear, and his mood generally cheerful. During his long and tedious illness he had the assiduous care of his devoted wife. His days were no doubt lengthened by the faithful and intelligent nursing she gave him

.......Mr. Goen had by his first wife five children of whom Charles Nelson died in infancy, and Mrs Clara Chaplin in 1889. Lewis W. the eldest lives in this place; Francis M. lives at Jesup and Eddie H. at Martin. There is a little girl Ethel aged six, by the second marriage.




















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