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1748/1750: Born in Virginia or North Carolina

1771: Botetourt County, VA Delinquent Tax List; {"Indian Lands", outside the line marking the western boundary of Virginia Colony}; David Collins

1772: Rowan County, NC marries October 1st to Thompson Posting/Thompsey Poston

1772/1773: Fincastle County, VA Delinquent Tax List, David Collens (Indian lands)

1773: John Montgomery’s List David Collens (Indian Lands)

1773: Botetourt County, VA Delinquent Tax List; David Collins (Indian Lands?)

1774: Montgomery County, VA, Captain Herbert’s Company, David Collins (present Carroll and Grayson County areas of VA)

1776: Montgomery County, Christiansburg, VA, signed entry list for Rev. War

under Capt. James McDaniel who was under Osborn’s Company, David Collins

1778: Wilkes County, N.C. Tax List (became Ashe): David Collins {see http://www.newrivernotes.com/nc/18cncnr.htm}

1780: Militia List -Montgomery County, VA; David Collins

1782: Montgomery County, VA; Personal Tax List: 1 tithe, 0 slaves, 4 horse, 9 cattle {see http://www.newrivernotes.com/va/mont782a.htm}

1782: Montgomery County, VA; David Collins is on the List of Capt. James McDaniel's Company

1787: Montgomery County, VA Tax List; David Collins

1788: Montgomery County, VA Tax List; David Collins

1789: Botetourt County, VA Personal Tax List; June 16th, David Collings

1790: Wilkes County, N.C. Census; David Collins {see also Tenth Company http://www.newrivernotes.com/nc/1790wilk.htm}

1791: Wythe County, VA 1793 Tax List David Collins 100 acres 1791 Elk Creek next to William Hill and David Collins 50 acres 1791 next to William Hill; [#379-9 July 1791 David Collins entered 100 acres on Elk Creek adjoining Wm Hill.] {see http://www.newrivernotes.com/va/wyth1793.htm this tax record was transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver in 1998, note that the entry for David Collins is in section 2 which became Grayson County in 1793}

1791: Wilkes County, N.C., #379 – 9 July 1791 – David Collins ent 100 ac adj. George Sozemore near Wenches Knob on head Elk Creek. {Ruby Absher Files}

1791: #455 – 9 July 1791 – David Collins ent 50 ac Elk Creek adjoining Wm. Hill. {Ruby Abshur Files}

1791: DB, pg. 42, 20 Dec. 1791, George Reves was granted by N.C. 600 acres on New River adj. conditional line made between said Reeves and David Collins. On the 28th of Jan 1797 George Reeves of Grayson County sold this land, same description, mentioning the same David Collins.

1793: Wythe County, VA, 1793 Tax List (formed 1793 from the lower western part of Montgomery County, VA...1793 List for New River District); David Collins

1795: Wilkes County, N.C. Tax List District 8; David Collins

1796: Wilkes County, N.C. Tax List District 4; David Collins

1796: Wilkes Co. Dist 13 Lenoir Papers UNC Library; David Collins…100 acres 1 poll

1796: Montgomery County, VA; Jan. 5th, David Collins buys 149 acres on Dry Fork of Elliott's Creek branch of the Roanoke River, bought from Isaiah Stevans for 50 pounds. ("Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Summers, page 927)

1797: DB, D, pg. 412, 27 Dec 1797, N.C. granted David Collins 50 acres adj. Wm Hill

1800: Ashe County, N.C., Land Entries & Other Collins; David Collins

1801: Grainger County, TN; David Collins (1750) marriage bond surety for his son David Collins born 1774 and Mary Dodson

1802: Wilkes County, N.C. Nov. 8th 1802 Raleigh Register, and North Carolina Weekly
Advertiser, Raleigh, N.C., October 5th, 1802: Issue 155, col. A, Wilkes County On
Monday the 8th of November Next, There Will Be Expected to Sale, at the Courthouse
In Wilkeborough Rich. Allen Shff.
The following tracts of land, to satisfy the Taxes due for the Years 1798, 1799,
1800, and 1801:
100 acres given in by David Collins, sen., lying on the Waters of New River, for 1798.

1804: Grainger County, TN Tax List; David Collins (1750?)

1806: Grainger County, TN Tax List; David Collins (1750?)

1807: July 21st, Knox County, KY; David Collins, Sr. (1750)

1810: Knox County, KY Census; David Collins, Sr. (1750), Knox County, KY [Barbourville]

1820: Greasy Creek, KY (Knox County) Census; David Collins (1750)

1821: Stinking Creek, KY (Knox County) Land Grant, 50 acres, Book V, survey date 10-23-1821, [The Kentucky Land Grants, Vol. I, Part I, Chapter VI, Kentucky Land Warrants (1816-1873), The Counties of Kentucky page 512, {Book V, Page 488}]

1823: David Collins (1750) dies around 1823 in Knox County, KY and I have found no other record to indicate that Thompsey left Kentucky after David’s death or that David went to any other location prior to his death. The 1804 and 1806 Grainger County, TN tax lists do give me some pause as we do not know for certain which David Collins these are referring to as it could either be David (1750) or his son David (1774).

This timeline is a work in progress.       


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