Emigration Records
of the Cherokee Prior to 1838

Names are difficult to read in the original records
if you have questions about these families you can
find the records at the Fort Worth Archives

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Calhoun Dec 26th 1828

The Cherokees opposed to the Emigration of the Indians East of the Mississippi holds out their enmity towards those emigrating to the West of it.  No longer than last night an attack was made on Major John Walker by Archibald Forman who is now High Sheriff of aumoha district and who was heretofore marshal of this now independent Nation of Cherokees East of the Mississippi.  Which will mournfully appear by reference to the calls of Morgan and McGhee and McCarty which are now on file in your department which have already been acted on by your predecessor as well as those pending under the claims of Marshall Huffaker and others.  Showing at once not only the hostility to the white people living with them but contempt for the government of the United States.  On yesterday I rode about a mile from the Cherokee Agency and was attacked by the Path Killer and Indian who struck me several times with rocks and vowed his intention to kill me and anyone who would ade me in my business of enrolling the Cherokees for Arkansas.  He said it was all ways his intention to kill me ever since he heard of my being in the county.  Major Walker is an Emigrant and was beat in Consequence of his exertions to the cause.  If the government wishes to carry the exertion that are now making into affect it will be absolutely necessary that they should send a small force to protect the person actually engaged in the part of the government as time look very squally before___you.

There is one other circumstance I would take the liberty of recommending to the consideration of the Government that is the paying of the emigrants here for their improvements, here as some of them will not be able to move without it.  These given respectfully submit to your consideration.

Your Obedient Servant
James Rogers

Jasper TN
Feb.9th 1829

Hon. James Barbour
Dear Sir,
Believing it to be my duty, I take the earliest opportunity to inform you, that a few days ago, two or three boats of Cherokees from the agency, on their way to the Arkansas passed down the Tennessee River near this place and about six miles below here in the edge of (Ala) or near the line. One of the boats sold out the provisions that had been furnished at the agency and then the boat to one Wm Mitchell and made good retreat back to the Nation. As I am credibly informed and another tried hard to sell_ they tried to sell their certificates likewise. I know a good many that took the bounty and sold their places. Some years ago when they were emigrating to Arkansas that fliped? back into the Nation again and settled their places and are now livng on them. I shall to forebare to pass any remarks but I believe a military escort essential to prevent a useless waste of National wealth.

I am with highest consideration
Yours very respectfully

I J Republican ???(best I can do with the name mh)

Hickory Log  Cherokee Nation, Nov. 1st 1831

We the undersigned have enrolled our names to emigrate to Arkansas and whereas Mr O Bryant has been a teacher among us for a number of years we humbly petition that the same Mr. O Bryant and family may remove with us and accompany us to our new homes and be our teacher there as he has been heretofore, where unto we have subscribed our names.

To Major Currey US Agt.

John (his x mark) Wright
Aaron Parris
Thos Clyne
Moses Parris
John Albert
George W Parris Jr.

A list of Emigrants from Georgia.  

A list of Emigrants from the Cherokee Nation in Georgia to the Cherokee Nation West of the Mississippi for whom improvements have been valued with the amount of the valuation, the amount to be paid thereon at the Agency East by way of extinguishing debts acknowledged to be just as well as the amount to be paid at the Agency West respectively affixed to their names under appropriate heads.

Number,  Names, Am Val. Am affixed   Amount due at Ag.West  Remarks

1. Saml Love,                                                                    Gone
2. Uriah Hubbard                                                             Gone
3. Michael C Wood                                                           Gone
4.  Wm and Susanna Reid ,Wm Reid set out but wife and family deserted have received no commutation money.
5.  Abram Wood                                                               Gone
6.  Martin Miller                                                               Gone
7.  Robert Berry                                                       received  a requisition 15.00
8.  Peggy Langley                                                             Gone
9.  Saml Terrill , yet loitering in the Nation East but has reciedved none of the Government bounty
10 Hezekiah Coleman                                                       Gone
11.  Elias Goddard                                                            Gone
12.  George Freeman, yet in the nation East but has recd no bounty
13.  Elizabeth Thurley                                                      Gone
14  Daniel Love                                                                Gone
15.  David Tucker                                                            Gone
16.  Terril Hinson                                                            Gone
17.  Edward Tucker                                                         Gone
18.  Lock Langley                                                             Gone
19.  Benjamin Brackett                                                     Gone
20.  Chars McDaniel, in the Nation East but recd no bounty
21 Thompson Linyard, Recd reg for commutation but not gone
22.  John Pindar,  In the Nation East but reced no bounty
23.  Alexander Kell,  do but has recd neg for commutation
24.  Nancy Kell ,        do                   do
25.  Nancy Cooper      do                   do
26.  Thad and Catherine Smith                                        Gone
27.  John Langley and Jas                                              Gone
28.  Ruben Daniel                                                           Gone
29.  Owen Shoffield                                                      Gone
30.  Rattling Gord                                                          Gone
31.  Lau  las or Goose                                                     Gone
32.  Warm Water                                                           Gone
33.  Tes tees te                                                             Gone
34.  Wm Willis                                                              Gone
35.  Fox Fields                                                             Gone
36.  Saml Thomas                                                         Gone
37. Mary Dougherty   recd reg. for commutation but not gone
38.  Wm A Coleman                                                       Gone
39.  Wm McClure                                                          Gone
40.  Matilda Hubbard                                                   Gone
41.  Walter Downing                                                     Gone
42.  Jacob and Jams Harnage                                      Gone
43.  Ambrose Harnage  not gone nor received any bounty
44.  Isaac Vann                                                           Gone
45.  Chars Fields                                                         Gone
46.  Neakeay a widow                                                 Gone
47.  Moses Harnage                                                    Gone
48.  Jesse    Smith     Still in the Nation East by rcd no bounty

Cherokee Agency East April 1835
Elbert Herring Esq.

Your letter of the 28th has been received and the correction suggest in Martha Jane Smiths account accordingly made.
By misapprehensions of questions put by Dr. Lytle or answers by e.

Elizabeth Huffacres N0. 63 on the general revised and corrected statement of debt and dues is marked as having not gone.  She went to the West last year but died.  Her legal representatives will therefore be entitled should the contested claim by Wm. S Coody be declared.

Ann Fields no. 89 has not emigrated
Ann Hyatt no. 145 went with her husband last year but the settlement of that claim was eaquasted to be postponed until a full understanding can take place between him and his creditor Cols D Love of  N Carolina.

Alexander Keel no 209 went last year he is a white man, his present wife is a white woman but the children by his first wife half breed Indians.  Keel himself returned to his white family while he was endeavored to provide for his Indian children by taking them West of the Mississippi his Indian family.  It is his wish should receive and enjoy the proceeds of his valuation.

Benjamin Cooper no. 212  went with all his family last year.  They enrolled to go three years ago but declined doing so through the persuasion of their chiefs.  They are however now in that country and doing well.

Will you therefore be so good as to have the corrections entered on the books of the departments and payments made accordingly.
Most Respectfully
I have the honor to be
Your very obedient Servant
Ben F Currey

Cherokee Agency Sept 30 1836
Cary A Harris Esq
Comm. Ind Ag.

Enclosed I have the honor to transmit to you a copy of a letter which has been extensively published among the Cherokees from the day of the inception.  Written by Hon. H Clay to John Hunter a Cherokee.  Marked A,  It has no doubt had much influence among the members of the tribe.  I also send the copy of a letter which George Lowry the 2nd Principle Chief received from John Ross after the ratification of the late treaty.  Marked B.  This letter was translated by Mrs. Brown the daughter of Lowry and the Rev Edward Graves from the English into the Cherokee language and privately circulated until the period of it circulation most of the Indians were in the spirit and very many were making ready to remove West.  This letter fell into the hands of Andrew Ross who translated it with the aid of John Ridge into English and furnished me a copy of their translation.

Ross held his contemplated council at which I am informed he read to a meeting of several thousand Indians all the inflammatory matter which he transmitted to the Senate and House of Representatives.  Also a pamphlet which he published in Baltimore or Philadelphia and in which he predicts seems?? In the attempt to remove the Cherokees under the treaty at which the heart would sicken.  The tenor and bearing of the letter enclosed and the proceedings had at Red Clay under Wm Ross direction are calculated and had so far had the effect to produce a stubborn opposition with many of the common Indians to a removal who before the circulation of said letter and meeting called by Ross looked to removal as a matter of course.  But since the meeting was tolerated at which the Indian declared the treaty to be a fraudulent one and they were allowed to take steps preparatory to its defeat or abrogation under the eye of General Wool. They are encouraged to stubbornness and further opposition which I fear will end in a realization of Ross’s Predictions. 

If the course pursued by Ross before and during the council does not eventuate in such scenes I will be agreeably disappointed.  Had however I been present and had control of the troops, Mr. Ross and his pretend authorities assembled at his call would now be in confinement.  In my opinion such a step would have endangered the peace of the country less than that which has been tolerated.

Most respectfully
I have the honor to be
Your very obedient Servant
Ben F Currey

The names of Cherokees who have with their families emigrated to the West since the first of July 1833. Showing the ammount at which their abandoned improvements were valued.  The ammount of debt acknowledged by them to be justly due to individuals residing East of the Mississippi and which are so considered by the superientendant as well as the ammount of debt.  Upon Satisfactory proof and which the creditors had not an opportunity of presenting before the diappearing of the emigrants, also the balance due West of the Mississippi after subtracting the debts due East.
Names of Heads of Families   ammounts  due East   East     Valuation   Residence of
1. Thomas Wilson                                                                                   Georgia
2. John Duncan                                                                                      Georgia
3.  Elizabeth Duncan                                                                              Georgia
4.  James Wicked                                                                                  Georgia
5.  Lum Wilson                                                                                       Tennessee
6. James McDan...                                                                                  Mouse Creek TN
7.  Bear Track                                                                                       TN
8.  John McIntosh Jr.                                                                            TN
9.  Joh McDaniel                                                                                    TN
10. TW and E Ross                                                                                  TN
11. Jeremiah Horn                                                                                   TN
12.  Margaret Hicks                                                                                 TN
13.  Jack Spears                                                                                      TN
14.  Arch Forman                                                                                      TN
15.  Benj  Parris   ??                                                                                 TN
16.  Drum                                                                                                  TN
17.  Drums wife                                                                                         TN
18.  Geo Richmond                                                                                     TN
19.  Coo es ter                                                                                           TN
20.  Bear Paw                                                                                            TN
21.  James Caing ??                                                                                   TN
22.  Mop                                                                                                   Tn
23.  Horse Fly                                                                                           TN
24. John Miller                                                                                         TN
25.  Amos Thornton                                                                                   TN
26.  Tarker   ??                                                                                         TN
27.  Jacob Gowin                                                                                    TN
28.  Geo Wilson                                                                                          TN
29.  Will Wilson                                                                                          TN
30.  Moses and Mistaken Gritts                                                                    TN
31.  Will Stiffs                                                                                            TN
32.  Martin Whirlwind                                                                                  TN
33.  Lidid Waters wife of Ross                                                                     TN
34.  Riley Thornton                                                                                       TN
35.  Cheed or Otter                                                                                       TN
36.  Young Wolf                                                                                            TN
37.  Sally Robinson                                                                                        TN
38.  Charles McDaniel                                                                                    TN
39.  Saml Downing                                                                                          TN
40.  Black Fool                                                                                               TN
41  John Woodward                                                                                       TN
42.  John Spaniard Jr                                                                                    TN
43.  Stephen Spaniard                                                                                    TN
44.  James Spaniard                                                                                       TN
45.  Spanish John Sr.                                                                                      TN
46.  Cant read
47.  Jessee Townsend                                                                                     Georgia
48.  Will  England                                                                                           North C.
49.  Stephen Carroll                                                                                        North C.
50.  John McIntosh                                                                                        TN
51 Robt Waters                                                                                             TN
52.  David Ross                                                                                              NC
53,  John F. Wheeler                                                                                     GA
54.  Saml Limons                                                                                             NC
55.  Jas W Griffen                                                                                        AL
56.  Danl Melton                                                                                             AL
57.  Alex McGray or M Gray                                                                            NC
58.  Jas McGray or M Gray                                                                              NC
59.  Elijiah Low John                                                                                       NC
60.  Ezekiel Batten                                                                                           NC
61.  Bryant Ward                                                                                              GA
62.  Hosea Morgan Sr                                                                                       NC
63.  Betsey Whitney                                                                                          AL
64.  Will L Coody                                                                                              GA
65.  Danl R. Coody                                                                                            TN
66.  Joseph Coody                                                                                           TN
67.  Will Nave                                                                                                  TN
68  Danl A Perdue                                                                                             GA
69.  Henry Bowlinger                                                                                        NC
70.  Amos Richardson                                                                                        GA
71.  Mary Daugherty                                                                                         TN
72.  Johathan Williams                                                                                 pd for when his wife goes
73.  Jessee Wolf                                                                                             TN
74. Thomas McDonald                                                                                       NC
75.  Thomas Blaylock                                                                                        Tn
76.  Martha I and Jaclson Smith                                                                       AL
77.  Edward Foreman                                                                                        TN
78.  Thomas Griffin                                                                                          TN
79.  John Candy                                                                                                AL
80.  Alex Foreman                                                                                             TN
81.  Robt B Vann                                                                                                TN
82.  Alex Skook                                                                                                 TN
83.  NC and Mary Seales                                                                                payable to legal reprentatives they being dead
84.  Saml Limons                                                                                                TN
85.  Squirr nes                                                                                                   TN
86.  Geo Bushyhead                                                                                            TN
87.  Catharine C. Hick                                                                                         AL
88.  Michael Waters                                                                                            AL
89.  Saml Ward                                                                                                   GA
90.  Nancy and W Griffin                                                                                    NC
91.  Will McIntosh                                                                                               AL
92.  John Griffin                                                                                                TN
93.  Martin McIntosh                                                                                           AL
94.  Isaac Bushyhead                                                                                          TN
95.  Thomas Fields                                                                                              TN
96.  Will Hicks JR                                                                                               GA
97.  Edward Vann                                                                                                AL
98.  Geo J Ward                                                                                                  GA
99.  Isaac Vann                                                                                                    AL
100,  David Carter                                                      to be paid whe his family moves west
101.  Alex Wolf                                                                                                    TN
102.  Wm Daughterty and others heirs of C Daughterty                                         TN
103.  Betsey Gord                                                                                                 NC
104.  Sally Sidney                                                                                                 NC
105.  Ann Fields                                                                                                   AL
106.  Rachel Caney                                                                                               GA
107.  Catherine Lacy                                                                                            AL
108.  Will L Holt                                                                                                  GA
109.  Saml McIntosh and wife                                                                             TN
110.  Elizabeth Hoffaker         Coody                                        For the use of his children
111.  Elizabeth Hoffaker                                                                                      TN
112.  Fielding an Lucy Maw                                                                                   TN
113.  Arch Wilson                                                                                                 TN
114.  Alex Wilson                                                                                                 TN
115.  Betsy McIntosh                                                                                            Al
116. Peggy Wilson                                                                                                AL
117.  Saml Nollund ??                                                                                           GA
118.  Henr and A B Hyatt                                                                                      NC
119.  Robt Fields                                                                                                  TN
120.  Jms McDaniel C ones to K                                                                            TN
121.  Jane Blackwell                                                                                            TN
122.  Will Brewer                                                                                                 TN
123.  John Barnes                                                                                                TN
124.  Polly Adair                                                                              GA Emigration in  1832
125.  cant read fold in paper
126.  Will W Russell                                                                     
127.  Hiram Bright                                                                                                GA
128.  Ezekiel Starr                                                                                               TN
129.  James Walkingstick                                                                                      GA
130.  Saml Lu timon                                                                                              TN
131.  Dnl Ottertlifter                                                                                            TN
132.  John Wilson                                                                                                 Al
133.  Martin Ward                                                                                                 GA
134.  Geo Wooddall                                                                                               GA
135.  Ruby Tucker                                                                                                  NC
136. Saml Quinton                                                                                                  GA
137.  Danl Griffin                                                                                                  TN
138. Danl and Jno Grifin
139.  Joseph Crittenton                                                                                          GA
140.  Jefferson Pack                                                                                             AL
141. Milo Hoyt                                                                                                     
142.  Ruth McGray and McGray                                                                              TN
143.  John Nave                                                                                                     TN
144 Will Schrimusher                                                                                             GA
145.  Thos Swimmer                                                                                                GA
146.  Will Tucker and wife                                                                                     GA
147.  John Bean                                                                                                      GA
148. Nancy Thompson wife of danl                                                                          NC
149  Alex McDaniel                                                                                                 NC
150.  Will R Campbell and wife                                                                               TN
151.  Elizabeth Campbell                                                                                         TN
152.  Geo Vann                                                                                                        GA
153  Susannah Shelton                                                                                            NC
154.  Good Money and wife                                                                                    TN
155.  Daniel McDonald                                                                                            TN
156,  Wat I w kee  or widow F kittel  ???                                                                GA
157  Will Boling                                                                                                       NC
158   Elizabeth Ward and Children           To be used for himself and children by Jessee Bean when they can Emigrate West.
159.  James Crawford
160.  John Beck                                                                                                       GA
161.  Letticia Coody                                                                                                 TN
162.  Maniah Coody                                                                                                 TN
163. Joseph Pratz                                                                                                    AL
164.  Jessee Cristi  ??                                                                                              NC
165.  Austin ?????                                                                                                    GA
166. Charles G Duncan                                                                                              GA
167.  Betsy Shepherd                                                                                               TN
168  Andrew Ross                                                                                                     AL
169  Harmon Bolin                                                                                                     NC
170  Will Rattliff                                                                                                      GA
171.  James Childress                                                                                                AL
172.  Alfred Denton                                                                                                  TN
173  New Chowd                                                                                                        NC
174.  Geo Freeman                                                                                                     GA
175.  Thompson Spaniard                                                                                           GA
176. John Pinder                                                                                                       GA
177  Alex Kell                                                                                                           GA
178  Nancy Kell                                                                                                        GA
179  Nancy Cooper                                                                                                   GA
180.  Arch and Andrew McDonald                                                                             TN
181.  John West                                                                                                        AL
182.  Phillip Unsing                                                                                                   AL
183.  James Starr                                                                                                    TN
184.  James B Henson                                                                                               GA
185.  Benj Cooper                                                                                                     GA
186 Robert Shelton                                                                                                  NC
187.  John and Elizabeth Nave                                                                                  NC
188 Geo Harlin                                                                                                         GA
189. Joshua Roach                                                                                                    GA
190.  T I and Eliza Gordon                                                                                       TN
191.  Ellis and Lydia Buffington                                                                                 AL
192. Ezekiel Buffington                                                                                             AL
193.  James Buffington                                                                                             AL
194. Felix W Riley                                                                                                    AL
195.  Adam Bibles                                                                                                     AL
196. Charles Ward                                                                                                    NC
197.  Danl Reynolds                                                                                                  NC
198.  Joe Peckerwood                                                                                               NC
199.   James W McIntosh                                                                             
200.  Doctor Colle ??
201.  Will Vann
202.  Silas Chote                                                                                                        AL

Cant read.
As follows

James Starr  55700            Cash paid him at Washington City
Jefferson Pack  385.75             “
John West  500.00                     “
Andrew Ross   500.00                   “
A Ross’  Bill exchange?
To R M Johnson 150.00
John Beck, amt of               John Beck having become Welches security
Welches Gun Blanket

Tobacco A

Sally Robinson or Stewart 

Quarterly report of the Commission for the valuing the Inprovements abandoned by the Cherokees to remove to Arkansas under the provisions of the Treaty of May 6th 1828

Name of Emigrant,   Spring of 1829  State   district   location

Thomas Wilson        “            Tennessee           Nickajack    4 Indians or mixed bloods
John Brown              “            Alabama             Creek Path    4
Dreamer Diggs         “            Alabama             Creek Path    4  with one white
??? Brady                 “             Alabama            Creek Path     8  with one white
John C Hall              “             Alabama            Creek Path     3   with one white
Robert Anderson      “             Alabama            Creek Path     3
James Thompson     “             Alabama             Creek Path     3  with one white
Bird Nest                                Alabama             Creek Path     7
Richard ??????         “            Alabama              Creek Path    4 with one white
Polly Woolf             “             Alabama             Creek Path     6  with three slaves
Isham ????               “            Alabama              Creek Path     3
Isaac Key                 “            Alabama              Creek Path     10 with one white
William Pettit           “            Tenn.                  Amon   Mouse Creek             5
Allen Gafford          “             Tenn.                Candy Creek     4 with one white
Daniel Hilton         “              Tenn.                Candy Creek     3
William ??????     “               Tenn.                Amori Hightown      3
Luney Riley          “               Tenn                Amori Hightown       7
Jesse Parris            “              Georgia             Hickory Log   Chata         6
Jonah Michele                       Georgia             Hickory Log   Chata          3
Geo Rogers           “              Georgia              Hickory Log   Chata         4
Daniel Short         “               Georgia             Hickory Log    Chata         5
Katherine Wofford                Georgia             Hickory Log    Brown D.  2 with one white
Robert Rogers      “               Georgia             Hickory Log Taldega    2 one white 2  slaves
Alexander McDaniel            Georgia                        “                           5
James Rogers                       Georgia             Hickory Log Talleposa   1
Alexander Saunders              Georgia                          “                         7  with 2 slaves
Widow Fool                           Georgia           Hightown  Cedar Creek   7  with 2 slaves
Elijah Lynch                           Alabama          Tennessee River              3  with one white
Scalp or Head Carver             Alabama            Creek Path  B.Valley     2
Cant read but from Alabama and has in family                                       8
???? Riley                              Alabama           Creek Path                       13  with 8 slaves
William Key                          Alabama           Creek Path                        7 with one white
James Elliot                           Alabama           Tennessee River              6
Drury Jones                           Alabama            Gion Valley                    5
Cant read                                Georgia                                                   4
Char.Riley ??                         Alabama            Creek Path                       2
Uriah Wilerson                      Georgia            ???? River                       4 with one white

Second Page brought forward.  All from Georgia

Moses Cochran             High Tower             Cedar Creek
Young Bird                   High Tower             Cedar Creek
The Mountain                  “                                   “
A.?? Brown                      “                            High Tower River
The Fogg                          “                            Cedar Creek
Bluford West                    “                               “
Moses Alberty                  “                             High Tower River
Joseph Wofford            Hickory Log              Raccoon Creek
John Saunders                “                               Cedar Creek
Richard Rowe                “                                Raccoon Creek
Peter Dennis                  “                                Nancy Creek
Elijah Phillips                 “                               High Tower Rive
Charles Wofford            “                                Cedar Creek
Early Cordry                   “                               Cedar Creek
Alexander Saunders        “                                      “
Thomas Starr                    Aunora                    Quchoula
Tuiala ha                                “                          Red Hill
Edward Adair                          “                         The Snake
?dly   Springston                     “                         Conesagua
John Duck                           Hickory Log            Federal Road
Ebenezer Wilcox                  Tucoa                    ??
John Manley                        Hickory Log          Chattahoochee 

Some Records of the Western Cherokee Treaty, 1828

INDIAN REMOVAL RECORDS - Senate Document # 512, 23 Cong., 1 Sess. Vol. V

 By Larry S. Watson, Editor & Indexer

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