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There is much confusion over the George Gibsons in the many different counties.  Some researchers have published that  George Gibson, son of Gilbert went to Orange County, North Carolina and died there in 1776 with a wife Mary.  It would appear however that George, son of Gilbert, stayed in Louisa County and was married to Susannah.  So who was George Gibson charged with concealing titheables in Louisa County in 1745 and appears to have went to Orange County, North Carolina?  He may have been the son of John Gibson of Bertie County, North Carolina who married to Elizabeth Lowe and died in 1776 with a wife Mary.

If the above is correct then what happened to George Sr., and George Jr., of Charles City County records in the 1750s?  Is George Senior the brother of Jane the Indian woman? Who is George Gibson who is found in records with the Dodsons in 1733 and later in 1760s on Crooked Creek in Pittsylvania County?



1661-1664 Charles City County  - Theophilus Beddingfield ... saith ... That being at Church on the Sabbath day after prayer standing in the Church yard, heard Tho: Stevenson talkng with Mr. Bird concerning his difference [ with] George Gibson [ and] saying to Mr. Bird(*) that Gibson should never take take his oath against him for he was an Athicke, so Mr. bird replyed and asked the said Stevenson Tom what pretty word that was, and Stevenson replyed he could not say it so plaine as wee could ... and Stevenson replyed again [ that] he could prove by two sufficient oaths that George Gibson sd there was no Resurreccion [ and] that when our flesh was parted from the bones they should never rise again and yo'r depon't further saith not.

The deposicion of Herery Tame ... That being at George Gibson s house, Tho: Stevenson came ov'r the sd Gibsons plantable ground betweene his house and the fence and measured the sd grounds and [ Stevenson] threw down the sd Gibsons fence, and goodwife Gibson(**) went to the fence, and Tho: Stevensons wife threw at the sd Gibsons wife to the best of my knowledge Rootes of [ tobacco] and further yo'r depon't knoweth not. Sworne before me signe of Will Bird # Henry x Tame This suit begins with Wyatt complaining that he has been slandered by being called a thief in public. Caswell then explains that Wyatt had been "something in drink more than was convenient at the time". Four more testimonies in the case follow. # Bird has become by this time a Justice and is hearing testimony. This case continues with statements by Bird that the agument between the two women resulted in Mrs. Gibson being struck on her arm with a stick hurled by Mrs. Stevenson. Several more witnesses testified. (# Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 12 Charles City Court Orders 1661-1664

1666 Charles City County  William Knott, 312 Acres, Surry Co 28 Mar 1666, p. 482 (land patents). 112 acres on south side of James River on south side of upper Chipoake Creek, bounded NW on land of Edward Oliver, N upon Wm. Thomas, E on George Gibson & SE on Mr. Fisher; 200 acres on south side of said River, Wly. on Jeremiah Clements, NW on Edward Oliver, Nly on Wm. Thomas, George Gibson & Edward Minter, Ely. on Wm. Gapins land & Mr. Thomas Busbie (Indian Trader) and SE on Mr. Richard Hill. 112 acres granted to William Knott dec'd, 20 Nov. 1653 & 200 acres in said Knotts name 14 Oct 1657 & now due him as a son and heire of said William. Trans. of 4 persons: Peter Bray, Wm. Hawking, Sarah Willis, Mary Jones. (This mention is the last of George Gibson in Charles City County - in 1668 Thomas Gibson is on the tax list and in 1772 Elizabeth Chavis petitioned the court for her son Gibson Gibson. Thomas Gibson made a deposition which stated he was born in 1647 and is presumably the son of George and Mary Gibson. Perhaps Elizabeth Chavis is the second wife, and widow, of George Gibson .)

1720 Charles City County  George Gibson, the younger., sister Jane, children of George Gibson the elder, resided in Charles City County. Jane was proven to be an "Indian woman".

1727 Charles City County  George Gibson mentioned as son in will of Gibby Gibson

1727  John Gibson, who received a grant for 328 acres on the south side of the Roanoke joining John Lowe, Jackson, and the swamp on 1 December 1727-Northampton County, NC ( George Gibson of Orange Co., NC was a son of John Gibson)

1733 Richmond VA DB09:14 Thomas DODSON Sen and wife Mary and Thomas DODSON Jr. and wife Elizabeth, all of North Farnham to Jonathan LYELL of same; for the consid. of a negro man already delivered to Thomas DODSON , Jr. and one negro woman to be delivered to sd. DODSON as soon as any come to VA to be sold, 130 acres, 100 acres of which formerly belonged to Abraham MARSHALL and sold to Thoms DURHAM who sold it to Thomas DODSON, Sr. Wits: Robt. REYNOLDS, George GIBSON, Wm. CREEL. Recorded 1 Apr 1734. Mary and Elizabeth DODSON relinquished right of dower. (See 1766 Lambert Dodson, brother of Thomas Dodson. It would appear this George Gibson may have been the same George Gibson found in records with Lambert Dodson. It also seems likely George Gibson is the ancestor of Esau Gibson and Lambert Gibson. Gilbert Gibson son of Gibby Gibson was in Henrico/Richmond before moving to New Kent/Hanover. This George is possibly his brother, son of Gibby Gibson.)

1737 George Gibson sued William Drinkard in Charles City County

1741 George Gibson granted a patent for 62 acres on Pease Hill Swamp in Charles City County

1741 November, George Gibson and George Gibson Jr., court presented for not going to church.

1745 Charles City County - Phillis Goeing (Gowen) petitioned George Gibson  concerning her children, but he failed to answer the petition so the court ordered the churchwardens to bind them out.

1745 Charles City County - Captain Samuel Harwood posted 20 pounds security for good behavior of George Gibson for a year. In February 1745/6 he, William Witherspoon, and John Atkinson provided a total of 80 pounds security for his good behavior, and he and his son Randolph Gibson and his wife Elizabeth posted bond of 20 pounds each for the good behavior of Randolph and Elizabeth.

1745 Louisa County, Virginia George Gibson purchased 320 acres in Louisa County and he and his wife Susanna sold 90 acres in Louisa County to William Donathan

1745 Louisa County Virginia - Ordered that William Hall, Samuel Collins, Thomas Collins, William Collins, Samuel Bunch, George Gibson , Benjamin Branham, Thomas Gibson, and William Donathan be summoned to appear at the next Court to answer the presentment of the Grand jury this day made against them for concealing tithables within twelve months past." pled not guilty

1751 October 24, George GIBSON , Robert HALL & Jeremiah PIERCE, Executors of the will of George Gibson , dec'd., all of Caroline County, Virginia, to William JETER of Caroline County for 60/5/6, 404 acres on the north, or lower, side of Mallory's Creek, bounded as by patent to George GIBSON , dec'd,, on July 10, 1745, Wit: Elisha ESTES and Thomas CLAIBORNE. (Deed Book 3 and Deed Book 4, Amelia County, Virginia.

( See: for desc)

1751 Orange Co., NC Tax List Thomas Gibson paid tax for Major Gibson, George Gibson , & Charles Gibson paid his own tax

1750-1760  George Gibson born about 1750, living in Putnam County, Indiana along with Jordan Gibson (of Hawkins County, Tennessee) sells land on Newmanís Ridge in 1835.

1752 Granville County, NC  Thomas Collins received a land grant on the Flatt River on Dials Creek. Witnesses: Paul Collins, George Gibson and Moses Riddle.

1756 -  John Gibson made a deed of gift to his son George Gibson on 5 February 1756 (N/H WB 2). See 1727 (See 1763)

1756 Feb 5: JOHN GINDON made a deed of gift of his household goods in Northampton Co., NC to his son George Gibson [WB 2:251]

1757 Nov 19: Feb Court 1761: John Lowe lent George Gibson  land whereon he now lives for his or his wife's lifetime (wife's name not given) should thy leave, the sd. land to go immediately to James Lowe forever ... son William Lowe land and plantation whereon I now live contraining 300ac, 150ac of which I have already given son James it being the place where Geoge Gibson now lives ... sons, negroes, etc., ... to my wife negroes for her lifetime and residue of my estate to be at her Disposal when she pleases. Extrs: wife Sarah, son Thomas; wits: Joseph Exium, John Mander, John Jarvis (?), X his mark. [Will Book 26, p. 41; Northampton Co., NC 1759-1808, genealogical Abstracts of Wills, by Margaret M. Hofmann]

1757 Charles City County George Gibson fined for not going to church 1746-1757

1760 Jun 5: Joseph Beele/Beck of Halifax Co to George Gibson of Northampton County purchased 439ac on Quankey/Quicky Creek, together with improvements, for £60 VA money [Halifax, NC Deeds 6-292]; sold it for the same price two years later. [DB 7:318; 8:209].

1761 Jul 18: As a resident of Orange Co., NC George Gibson  sold two slaves and sixteen head of cattle (which he received from his mother-in-law's estate) to his brother-in-law, Thomas Lowe, of Northampton County [DB 3:622].

1763 Aug: George Gibson  of Orange Co., NC to Thomas Lowe of Northampton Co, NC sale of negros Phillis & Joe, 3 horses, 2 mares, furniture, household goods, livestock, all his part of the estate of Mrs. Sarah Lowe, dec'd now in the possession of William & James Lowe; wits: W.U. David, Tos. Haykles, Francis Dave. Aug Court 1763 [Northampton Co., NC Deeds 1759-1774, abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Bk. 3]

1764  Gilbert Gibson will dated 7 June 1760 Recorded;  15 October 1764 Louisa County Courthouse Will Book 1, page 178  Will of Gilbert Gibson, Planter. Sons: Gideon, Jordan, William, David, Daus: Tabitha, Mary Jane. Wife: Sarah.  John Lemay to get 200 acres lying on Ballengers Creek in Albemarle Co. To son Gideon Gibson upper part of land upon Pamunkey River. To son Jordan Gibson lower part upon Pamunkey River. To son William Gibson land on South Anna River. To son George land he lives on now and must pay 10 shillings per year. Lend dau. Frances Brannum land she lives on, must pay 10 shillings per year. At wife's death to be equally divided among my seven children. Extx. wife Sarah.  Signed Gilbert Gibson (his mark).  Wit: John Baley, Feabea Bunch. Dated 7 June 1760. Red 15 October 1764.

1766 - Lambeth Dodson patented 400 acres on the main fork of Mayo River which he transferred to George Gibson

1770 George Gibson purchased 150 acres on the west side of Flat River in Orange County from Thomas Gibson.

 1771  May 6th       (CharCo. COB2:474). Sherwood Walton is appointed surveyor of the Road from the Nine mile tree to the four mile Tree and it is ordered that he together with the male Labouring Tythes belonging to Lewis DUPREE, Nathaniel Williams, John Wiliams, George Combs, John Hayes, Josiah Vaughn, Edward Harris, Stephen Harris, Edward Harris Jun., Mayn ard Harris, David Harris, William Hammons, David Gibson and George Gibson , do forthwith clear and keep the same in repair according to Law. (Charlotte Co., Va. Court Order Books 1 & 2, 1767-1771, FHC Microfilm of originals. Abstracted and submitted by Combs &c. Researcher Sue Elfving)

1772 June - George Gibson of Crooked Creek made application to raise a dam for grist mill in Pittsylvania County

1773 24  "We hereunder subscribed certify inventory of goods and chattels of William Middleton, shown by Martin Middleton, administrator of said deceased's estate, including in list slaves, stock, house, farm items and mentioning notes due to estate of Wm Alston, estate of Gideon Gibson, Sr.; estate of George Gibson ; estate of John Berry. Accounts of Jordan Gibson, Sr.; Benj. Blackman, Peter Keighleys, Isaac Nevils, Thos Brewington, Frederick Jones, Jacob Goins estate. Signed: William (his mark) Middleton, Jr.; Gid. Gibson, Gid. Gibson, Jr." [Engel, Beth Bland, The Middleton Family, Records From Wales, England, Barbados, The Southern United States, 1972, from The Press of the Jesup Sentinel]

1775 George Gibson Orange County will was proved in May 1776 (WB A:195) He named his wife Mary. Mentioned but did not name his ''Sons and Daughters now living in the County" and provided for the schooling of his unnamed younger children. Joel Gibson and Lucrecy Collons were witnesses; Sherwood Parrish and Thomas Gibson, Sr., executors.

1773 B,300-303, Lease and release, 28&29 Nov 1773, James Jones and Hannah, his wife of 96 Dist to George Gibson and Richard Gibson of same by grant dated 20 Nov. 1772 to James Jones, 200 acres in Berkeley County waters of Saluda adj. David Rees, John Richardson, now conveyed for L300 SC money. James Jones(seal), Hannah Jones(seal), Wit, Gilbert Gibson, Gibson Jones, Selthy Gibson. Proved 1773, recorded 1793.

1787 D, 508-511 Lease and release, 7&8 January 1787, James Plunkett and wife Elizabeth of Newberry to Benjamin Wood of same for L100 old currency, 100 acres in Craven County on waters of Beaverdam Branch waters of Saluda adj:
James Jones, Gibeon Jones, granted to James Plunkett 17 March 1776.James Plunkett(seal) Elizabeth Plunkett(seal), wit: William Burton, George Gibson(mark), William Burton [my notation: Lynn says:[probably JR].]

Many thanks to Dee and Val for their contributions of these records.  This page will be updated as more records are located, check back often.  If you have any questions or would like to submit records please contact me at the link on the home page.















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