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The information that you will be reading about the Collins family, at least our branch of the tree was gathered by Annie Collins Storland and her sister, Sandy Collins Chapman. Our journey began back in 1977 with the original notes in what will be referenced as the "The Family Notebooks" – which consist of 5 large three ring binders, all of the pages in plastic sleeves and 3 smaller notebooks with more miscellaneous papers for review.

Our journey has been interesting. We started by carrying our Collins and Estep side in one notebook, in one suitcase. I worked for the airlines at the time and would fly to Cleveland, Ohio with the family in tow. Sandy & I, along with her three children – Kasey, Terry and Austin would get in the car in search of documentation. When we found even one piece of paper showing our family, it was a time of celebration.

Let me digress to our childhood days. Our father is Chester Earl Collins born 1918; his wife is Anna Louise Collins. There are six of us, I am the oldest and Sandy is the youngest. Our siblings are Chester, Pat (Patricia), Tom and Karen. Dad and Mom used to load us up in our Volkswagen Camper to take trips. Dad was a truck driver and really loved to drive. We would go to southern Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and stop at various places.

Dad was a great tour guide as long as you liked the drive-by approach. Rarely would he stop during the day as we drove along unless it was for a meal. Our Volkswagen Camper had a ‘sun roof’ (actually it was a ‘hatch’ that would open up in the roof of the car). The six of us would stand on the counter & bench seat with our heads out the hatch as we cruised down the highways and back roads, as there weren’t many freeways back then. We had a blast singing, laughing and yelling ‘hello’ to people as we drove by.

One man was sitting on his porch as we passed by on the roadway. We all yelled "HI" and he tipped over in this chair. My uncle said he knew we had come to town because we were the only car with kids sticking out of the ceiling. You have to understand how our Dad traveled, he never called anyone to let them know he was coming, he just showed up.

Probably most notably was our trip through Washington D.C. Dad said there’s the Washington Monument and oh, there’s the White House. You could actually drive by the White House back in those days.

Another thing Dad would do was drive up to someone’s house. He would tell Mom he would be back in a minute. Mom would sit out in the camper with us and keep all of us kids entertained. Dad would come out, Mom would ask who did you see and Dad’s reply would be "Some relative." Then off we would go to the next place if he had any real destination in mind, I don’t know. Our trips were often what he would just take a notion to do.

The point in the story of traveling with Dad is that everywhere he took us had something to do with the family. Sandy and I have discussed this many times. Dad, along with his siblings, insisted they did not know anything about the family. Dad knew a lot more than he was willing to tell us. Years later Sandy and I have said he left us a lot of clues. We have been working on the puzzle for many years. Our journey has been sewing the pieces of the family quilt together. Sometimes a block at a time, sometimes one string at a time.

The toughest nut to crack in our journey was our grandfather, Charles Lewis Collins known to many as Charley Collins or Uncle Charley. He was born 04 March 1880 in Johnson County, KY. It took the assistance of another Collins family researcher, Roger Collins, to knock down our brick wall. For that, Sandy and I are so thankful. We will go into more detail about the journey regarding Grandpa later on.

There have been many stories in our Collins family but the one I will address now is about Charley’s people. Sandy and I are Charley’s people. We have made it our project to find out about our family since no one talked about any of the family. Part of it was our hearts desire to know where we came from, what we were made of and our love of history. Our aunt accused me of "digging up dirt." She warned me I may find out things I did not want to know.

That remark made the determination grow ever stronger. O.K., it was time to get downright nosey and so Sandy and I put on our boots and marched on. To us, it has been a remarkable trip filled with many mountains and hollers to cross but we are Charley’s grand daughters – we are "Earl’s" daughters – we have a story to tell – our story that we will pass on.

Please know this is how we see it. We have collected a vast amount of documentation and used a great amount of "gut instincts." At times, we feel Dad came along with us and guided us. He and Grandpa have cheered us on saying "Look at our girls."

Our greatest strides came along with the internet. There are many Collins researchers who have helped us in our quest and their steps made ours easier. Our hope is to leave the legacy of our branch of family tree perhaps helping the next generation to understand what they are made from. Our Collins family has definitely added a bunch of characters to the history of the United States. It has helped to make us who we are.

Are We Indians or Melungeons?

It appears through the years of study that Sandy and I have done on our Collins family that there are definitely two different camps regarding where we came from. I will present the two camps and tell you what I believe. The decision is ultimately yours. Will we ever be able to prove either side, that remains to be seen so the discussion continues. DNA is providing more information as the years go by and currently is able to tell the relationship between people, however, that test is relatively new and expensive.

Our brother, Chester Earl Collins b 1953, submitted his DNA in May of 2008 with the results in June. I am by no means an authority in the study of DNA, nor do I have all of my questions answered as to how it all works and comes together. The explanation that follows is in simple terms as I understand it.

When Chester submitted his DNA, there was a question in our minds if we were indeed a Collins. Our grandfather, Charles Lewis Collins had a half sister, Henryetta Milam and a half brother, William Milam, who were children of an unknown Conley. Charley should have been listed in the 1880 Johnson County, KY Census and he was not. So in our minds, we thought maybe Griffin III Collins did not want to claim him as a son. It is also to be noted that Charley was born about 3 weeks after the marriage of Griffin III Collins and Margaret Milam – so there was some doubt as to his origin.

The DNA test did show that Grandpa Charley was a Collins. Sandy and I breathed a big sigh because then all of our research would not have to be thrown out the window and we would not have to look for this unknown Conley.

Chester’s DNA matches a specific group of nine others. It is known that we are all related as the DNA is closely matched with only a marker or two difference. The difference in the markers is caused by genetic mutations which are common in family lines. His results are in but the site is hard to maneuver and even when I get in there, I am not sure what it means.

I have depended on others involved in the Collins DNA study to assist me with the understanding it all.

This specific group ties into David Collins b 1750. David Collins 1750 is the older brother of our Griffin Sr Collins b 1773. Their father is John Collins. Currently, studies are being done to determine just who our John Collins was. He may have been an Indian that also went by the name of John Suano spoken about in historical records. History states that John Suano went to the Catawba to bring back 80 or so warriors to secure the release of Captain Tom (a.k.a. Old Thomas Collins of Flatt River). Captain Tom was imprisoned with Mahenip (a.k.a. Henry Irvin). Records show Mahenip is hung, Captain Tom is not. Old Thomas would be Sandy and Annie’s 5th great grandfather. We will get into more detail about him in a later chapter.

There are court records in the State of Virginia dating back to 1742 in Orange County identifying Blind Tom, Captain Tom and John Collins along with others on suspicion of stealing hogs. They are ordered to leave the colony within a week.

So there are actual records showing our family and a later record that references "about twenty-six of the Saponi Indians" thought to involve our family, however, this is all considered circumstantial evidence and is not accepted by the U.S. government or the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as proof of our Indian heritage.

We all have heard the stories of Indian being in our Collins line. The pictures we have of our family members show the Indian. We also have been told we are Indian, look at our high cheekbones. Some members of the family have the legendary black hair with those steel blue eyes – our family was known as the blue-eyed Indians.

Our Collins family also is said to have ties to the Salyersville Indians in Kentucky. The Indian stories also come in our Dad’s mother’s side. It is my belief that if your roots are from Virginia, North Carolina or Kentucky you most definitely have Indian in your background.

Paul K Collins, a 3rd and a 4th cousin (to Sandy and Annie) wrote several letters to another cousin of ours, Scott Collins back in 1999. I have copies of the letters given to me by Scott. In the letters, Paul discusses our origins.

He has said that some of the Collins family came from the East – specifically Jamestown, VA. Some originally came from England. Those from England were the prisoners sent to the colonies to settle. They were mainly in prison for stealing chickens or food.

Back when the white man came to the colonies or territories there was a "mixing of the blood" – a white man married an Indian woman or an Indian man married a white woman. It happened and it is a part of our culture. Paul K Collins in his letters states that some of the Collins family was dark-skinned and black-headed while others were fair-skinned and red-headed. A lot of the Collins family married their cousins, which I have found to be a true statement in our research. That’s how we are doubly related to him.

One of the family legends regarding our Collins family is that they were Saponi Indians who "took the name of Collins" to begin the assimilation process into the white population.

There is another theory that we are of the Melungeon culture. The name Melungeon means mixed blood. In the Melungeon camp it is espoused that we are tri-racial – which means Indian, White and Black. They believe that we are the result of the Portuguese explorers and their slaves who mixed with the Indians when they arrived.

The Melungeon faction will point to words in the Indian language which match some of their words in Portuguese. Some will even state that certain diseases found in the Melungeons are usually only found in people from the Mediterranean area.

I studied the Melungeon theory when I first stumbled across it. They talk of the Anatolian bump located on the back of your head located about midway between the top of your head and the beginning of your neck. Most can lay their finger below it and feel it. It is very noticeable – I have it.

The other popular identification feature of the Melungeons is supposed to be the presence of the Indian shovel teeth. They say there is a definite ridge on the back side of you teeth that will "click" if you run your fingernail on them. I did do this and I have the shovel teeth.

I can not say which theory is more correct to identify who we are or where we came from. My personal belief is that we are Indian. Why? Because the DNA tests taken by our Collins family members show no trace of Black ancestry. There are Haplogroups in the DNA study which basically groups people into where they came from. Our haplogroup is considered to be R1a which has it’s origins from what we know as the European area. There is a specific haplogroup for the Sub Saharan, which would be from the African region. But with the DNA tests available, we also do not or have not shown the Native American blood either. I think that requires a more specific DNA marker test, which has not been done.

The current Collins DNA study in the United States has shown over 25 different and distinct families of Collins. Some even lived in the same town and through the DNA testing show they are not related. There was one member of the study who was very much thought to be of our line and related to the distinct group of 10 but through the DNA testing was shown to be in the Sub Saharan haplogroup. This does not rule him out of our Collins family, however, as he could be the result of an affair between one of our Collins men and a slave.

Another member of our Collins family recently tested. His DNA did not match ours. It surprised all of us researchers as Meredith Collins was thought to be an older brother of our Griffin Sr. Collins. Previous research of over 30 years shows Meredith and Griffin had a close relationship. So again, before we say Meredith was not related to our Griffin Sr., we must find another participant to test. This particular individual may also have been the result of an indiscretion somewhere along the way, thus changing his DNA.

For now, this is our explanation of where we came from. It is our particular group of 10 that can not produce the male ancestor that came over from Europe including England, Ireland or Wales. There are also stories that we are Irish that have been passed down. I think that story comes from the name itself Collins, which in Irish began as O’Collean. Collins means the son of Nicholas.

Griffin III Collins

In our particular line we are dealing with 3 Griffin Collins back to our g grandfather, 2nd great or 3rd great grandfather. It is because of this reason I will use Griffin III, Griffin Jr and Griffin Sr for reasons of clarification.

Most researchers and historical records, such as census records will note that Griffin III Collins was born in Grainger County, Tennessee in the year 1835. In our research we have some documentation to refute these claims.

Griffin III Collins was married twice. We are descendants of his second marriage. I will include both families as there was an association between the siblings. How much so, I can not say – but they were aware of each other.

The first record of Griffin III Collins that I have found is of course his birth date of 14 Feb 1833 in Washington County. In a handwritten letter by Griffin’s son Nelson Collins, Griffin III’s birth date is told to be 14 February 1833. Nelson wrote the letter to his brother, William Sherman Collins. From a Johnson County, Kentucky marriage certificate Griffin III states he was born in Washington County, Virginia. The copy of the letter was sent to Bud Collins (1946) by Hazel Collins Ripp of Chicago, Illinois.

Other records for Griffin III Collins are as follows:

1850 United States Census – 17 Aug 1850 - Russell County, VA in the household of Griffin Jr Collins and Matilda Collins. They are household or family number 408. Griffin III is listed as 15 years old.

His grandparents, Griffin Sr Collins and Massie along with their daughters, Betsy Collins 33 and Nancy Robinson 55 are in household or family number 1428, page 323.

17 Mar 1858 – Marriage of Griffin Collins and Rachel A Collins. Rachel is the daughter of Duncan b 1812 and Polly b 1816 Collins according to the 1850 United States Census, District 11, Grainger County TN. (Source of Marriage - Tennessee Marriages 1796-1950, Indexing Project number M51923-1, source film number 0968583, reference. number 2:3ZXPWGF)

Source of 1850 Census for Duncan and Polly Collins is, Page 81B, Image 171.

1860 United States Census – Wise County, VA – Griffin 23, Rachel A 18 and Nelson 1 living in the midst of many family members including household or family numbers 423 through 437. (Source –

1870 United States Census – Robinson Twp – Wise County, VA – Griffin 36, Rachael 26 along with Nelson 11, Sarah 5, Mary 4, William S (William Sherman) 2.

In my Family Tree Maker program I show that Sarah was actually born 17 May 1863. There is a family legend that Sarah was actually the daughter of Griffin’s brother, which brother is unknown. It is said that this lead to the divorce of Griffin and Rachel in 1875 as documented in Wise County, VA. Sarah’s age should be listed as 7 in this record. He is around his extended family who live in Gladeville (Later became Wise) and Robinson Townships. (Source –

21 May 1875 – Case of Griffin Collins vs Rachel A Collins, decided, divorce granted (Source –

11 Feb 1880 – Marriage record of Griffith Collins to Margaret Milum. The record states Griffith is 40 years old, a farmer who was born in Washington County, VA. It is his second marriage. Margaret Milum is 26 years old and was born in Floyd County, KY. Her father was born in Virginia and her mother was born in Greenup County, KY. This is her first marriage.

The front of the marriage certificate states to be married at Sam Milem’s, however, the actual certificate attached states the Rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized at Henry Milem’s. The witnesses for the certificate are Samuel and Henry Milem which I believe are her brothers.

A copy of the actual marriage bond and certificate is in the family notebooks – marriage record #177 is recorded at the Johnson County KY Courthouse. Another source is

1880 United States Census – Johnson County, KY – Most of Griffin’s extended family stays in Wise County, VA. It appears that Griffin, his now ex-wife Rachel and his second wife, Margaret (Milam, Milem or Milum) and his brother Enoch along with his family are in Johnson County, KY.

Griffin and Margaret Milum Collins are noted as being married 11 Feb 1880 on the Johnson County website with Mary J 14, Sherman 12, Calvin 10, Isaac 7, Henrietta Milum 11 [stepson it says but this is incorrect as this is his stepdaughter] and William H Milum 4 [stepson]. They are household or family number 376. They are living in Paintsville and according to the Johnson County website they are on pg 74, number 376.

Grandpa Charley, or Charles Lewis Collins should appear in this census record. He was born 04 Mar 1880 and should be listed but alas, he is not. His birth date is consistent on other records we have found for him throughout his lifetime.

(Source - – Griffin – in the census record is Page 137,4000; Enumeration District 43, Image 0278.

1880 United States Census – Johnson County, KY - Rachel Collins, Griffin’s ex-wife is listed as widow on the Johnson County site, however, in and on the actual 1880 Census it clearly shows Rachel as divorced. Rachel lists Mary 13, William S (William Sherman) 11 and Calvin P 9 – these are the same children listed in Griffin’s household. It is interesting to note that Griffin does not list ‘his’ daughter Sarah C [who was listed in the 1870 Census] which gives credence to the family legend that Sarah is not his daughter. Griffin lists Isaac age 7 but Rachel does not. One other interesting item is Rachel lists a Hulda A Collins 7 and a son Franklin P Collins 2. Hulda could be Griffin’s daughter as she would have been born in 1873 and they were not divorced until May 1875 – but Griffin does not list her as part of his household. Franklin P is probably not Griffin’s child as he was born in 1878 after the divorce. It’s obvious that both Hulda and Franklin were raised as a Collins.

Rachel is living in Barnetts Creek, District 4, and is on pg 137, household 237 according to the Johnson County website. Rachel’s occupation is shown as a washer woman on the original census record. Barnetts Creek is where Griffin’s younger brother Enoch is living.

(Source - – Rachel – in the census record is Page 180.3000, Enumeration District 45, Image 0363.

12 Apr 1910 – Tuesday morning, Paintsville, Johnson County, KY; death of Griffin Collins per letter written by Nelson Collins, Griffin’s son to his brother William Sherman Collins. The letter states that Griffin, aka PAP was buried on Wednesday in the Fields Graveyard on the east fork of the Little Sandy near Cannonsburg, KY. Nelson says that Griffin left a satisfactory testimony and was alert until death. The letter was mailed from Oil Springs, KY.

The Fields Graveyard is located in Cannonsburg, US #60, straight on Rt #180 to just past the I64 underpass, 2nd r. chain link fence. Cared for by Fields Cemetery Corporation, 606-324-7481. It has been closed for sale of lots since 15 Sep 1954. It is located next to the Hackworth Cemetery. I have not been to the cemetery and do not know if we can located Griffin’s grave or even if the cemetery has a record of his grave.

(Source – Personal family letter, copies in possession of Bud Collins [1946] and Annie Collins Storland in the family notebooks)

27 Apr 1910 – 1910 United States Census – Margaret Collins (widow of Griffin III) is listed in Magisterial District 3, Boyd County, KY. She states 10 children were born, 7 alive. Margaret is renting a house. Cora 25, Bud 20, Morris 4, Mary 3 and Lee 2 are living with her – they all are listed with the last name of Collins.

Cora is her daughter and Bud is her son. She lists Morris, Mary and Lee as her children, however, they are her grandchildren. Morris and Lee are children of her daughter, Laura. Where Laura is in 1910 is unknown. I believe that Mary is actually Cora’s daughter – as according to her age, Mary shows up in a later census with Cora.

Margaret Milam (Milem, Milum) Collins

I have only been able to find limited information regarding Margaret Milam. A copy of the picture of her is in the family notebooks. The original picture is owned by Helen Collins, wife of Henry Collins and their son, Jeffery Collins. When the copy of the picture was given to me the back of it said ‘Granny’ Collins. She is with Bud Collins (1890) and Morris Collins. I will include information regarding her family of origin since the records on Margaret, herself, are few.

31 Aug 1850 – 1850 United States Census - Floyd County, My District – Elizabeth Milam (Milum) 35 is the head of the household. Her children are listed as Lydia 17, James 14, John 9, Samuel 7, Henry 4, Margaret is 9/12th’s.

I do not have rock solid hard proof that this is our Milam family. What I am going on is ‘gut feeling’ and deduction. I know that on Margaret’s marriage certificate both Samuel and Henry are witnesses. Also Margaret is listed as 9/12th’s which puts her birth year around 1850 – in other records her birth year is anywhere from 1841 – 1852. All of the family is recorded on the census as being born in Kentucky.

(Source – Family #687, Household #687 in the 1850 Census, copy of original census page in the family notebooks)

21 Jun 1870 – 1870 United States Census

Paintsville, Johnson County, KY – I believe I have the record of Margaret’s brother James and his wife, Clarinda with their family. Again just a hunch – the children’s names are William, Henry, James, John, Samuel and Hiram. I am basing my hunch on the repeating of the names in the family.

(Source – 1870 Census, Johnson Co KY Roll M593_477, Page 168B and Johnson County KY Website pg 153, Family #82)

Henryetta (Henrietta) Milem

Stepdaughter, according to the original 1880 Census record. It says stepson on the 1880 Johnson County, KY record which appears to be a transcription error. She was born about 1869 in Johnson County, KY. Family legend states that her father was an unknown Conley. (According to the death certificate of her brother, William Henry [Milam] Conley, his father’s name is listed as William Henry Conley. Document obtained 25 Dec 2010, sent to Annie Collins Storland by Larry Cameron)

It appears that Henryetta Milem marries Asa Picklesimer 26 Sep 1889 in Johnson County, KY at the home of Henry Milem. Asa is 38 years old and Henryetta is 21. There are no children of this marriage that I have found.

This is Asa’s second marriage, his first was to a Manerva Jane Hannah on 05 Feb 1877. It appears he marries Henryetta and then Clarinda Fletcher. It is noted Asa and Clarinda divorce.

A copy of the original marriage bond is in the family notebooks. It was obtained at the Johnson County Courthouse, Paintsville, KY. Bond #67

(Source – which is Genealogy Report of David Picklesimer, Asa is listed as #487.

(Source –

(Source - Ancestral file record – Family Search – Henryetta MILUM) ""&HYPERLINK ""hash=HloWXpZgU9zB10k5M56iYku8TUc%253D

William Henry Milam Conley

Stepson, the 1880 United States Census record shows his name as William H Milem, stepson, age 4. His ½ brother, my Grandpa Charley was close to Will Conley according to family legend. He would often go to Greenup, KY which is where Will lived, however, I did not find that out until recently. In Grandpa’s obit the only siblings mentioned are Will Conley and Bud Collins, his full blood brother. When Will changed his name from William Milam to Conley is not known.

The information and pictures in the family notebooks are from Fairvieweagles13, Gloria Unrue. Gloria remembers going to the Conley family reunions – that indicates to me that perhaps, Will knew his father. On his death certificate sent to me by Larry Cameron on 12-25-2010, Will’s father is listed as William Henry Conley.

Will Conley and Grandpa Charley resembled each other. I have a picture of each of them, putting them by side. They both appear to be lean with white hair but it is the ears on both of them – they are very distinct. According to family legend when Will walked into Grandpa’s funeral everyone gasped as they thought Grandpa had been resurrected.

I will list the birth and death of each of the children of William Henry Conley and Lettie Boling. I have further information on Will and Lettie’s grandchildren in the family notebooks.

Other records for Will and Lettie Conley include:

15 Dec 1875 – Birth of William Henry Milam (Milem, Milum) in Johnson County, KY. His mother is Margaret Milam and his father is said to be William Henry Milam (born in VA)

(WWI Registration Card, 1880 Johnson County, KY Census & William Henry Milam’s death certificate)

15 Jun 1880 – Birth of Lettie Boling in Elliott County, KY to Monroe Boling and Jane Hall

1897 – Marriage of William Henry Conley and Lettie Boling

(Source – Per 1910 Census on 04 May – state they have been married for 13 years)

15 Aug 1897 – Birth of Rosa C Conley (Rosey) in Elliott County, KY

(Source – Brown-Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

1899 – Birth of Mae (May) Conley

(Source – Gloria Unrue tree,

Nov 1900 – Birth of William Monroe Conley, aka Bud Conley

(Gloria Unrue tree,

03 Oct 1905 – Birth of Jay Conley in Carter County, KY

04 Jul 1908 – Birth of Orville (Arvil, Arville) Conley in Rush, KY. Rush is in Boyd and Carter County, KY

1910 United States Census (04 May) - Grayson, Carter Co KY – William H is 33 yrs old and is listed as a tobacco farmer. His wife Lettie (Boling) is 29 yrs old, they have been married for 13 years. Lettie is said to have been born 15 Jun 1880 in Elliott Co KY and died 07 Aug 1952. Notation on the side of the page is that they live on Grayson Rd.

Their children on the census are Rosa 12, May 11, William M 9, Jay 5 and Arvile 1. Their surname is listed as Contey according to Lettie says she had 6 children, 5 alive.

(Source –, Page 15 B; Enumeration District: 37; Image: 446. Copy of original image is also in the family notebooks)

I wonder if the "Collins" family lived in Grayson, Carter Co KY for awhile. Cora Collins Jackson, Will’s ½ sister died there in 1933. I know that in 1910 Margaret Milem is on the census record living in Boyd Co KY.

12 Aug 1910 – Birth of Nellie Conley in Carter County, KY

01 Aug 1912 – Rosa Conley marries William Brown in Carter Co KY.

(Source – KY Marriages 1785-1979, Family Search Beta site)

11 Sep 1913 – Birth of Monie (Money) Conley

(Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

22 Dec 1916 – Stillbirth of Albert Conley, son of William Conley and Lettie Bowling. Death Certificate #30223; copy in family notebooks.


01 Nov 1917 – Death of Rosa C Brown, age 20 (Rosa Conley m William Brown). Cause of death listed as inflammation; buried in Cane Creek Cemetery, Greenup Co. KY. She died 3 days after the birth of their son, Kenneth was born.

(Source – KY Death Records 1911-2000, Vol 61, Certificate #30183; Family Search Beta site. Statement re Kenneth is from Brown Cameron tree,; Larry Camerson)

12 Sep 1918 – World War I Draft Registration for William Henry Conley – Serial #257, Order #1681 Hunnewell, Greenup Co KY; 42 years old with his birth date listed as 15 Dec 1875. He lists Lettie Conley, his wife as his nearest relative and signs the document with his "X" mark.

Will is listed as tall, medium build with gray eyes and black hair. (My Dad’s [Chester Earl Collins b1918] WW II Registration lists his eyes as gray)

(Source: information was found on – Roll 1653474; Draft Board: O; Registration location is Greenup County, Kentucky)

12 Sep 1918 – World War 1 Draft Registration for William Monroe Conley (son of Will and Lettie). He is living in Oldtown, Greenup County, Kentucky. He is a coal miner and is married to Annie Conley (Slavens). (They were married 11 Jun 1918 from KY EASy 1842858, Ref #19)

(Source –

19 Jan 1919 – Birth of Kenneth ‘Doc’ Conley in Kentucky

(Source – Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

19 Nov 1919 – Birth of Ellen ‘Babe’ Conley in Greenup County, KY

(Source – Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

1920 United States Census – Hunnewell, Greenup Co KY – William Conley is listed as 45 yrs of age and Lettie is 39. Jay (who is listed as Joy, transcription error, as son is written over top of daughter) is 14, Arvel 12, Nellie 9, Lizzie 7, Monnie 5, Kenneth 2 and Ellen 3/12th

They are renting a farm located on Frasier Rd; date of census is 29 Jan 1920.

(Source: page 8B; Enumeration District: 105; Image 256)

1930 United States Census – William H Conley 54, Lettie Conley 46 living on Cane Creek Rd. They own the farm. William states he was 20 and Lettie was 16 when they were first married. With other dates in the different census records they would have been married between 1895 and 1900, I believe.

Three children are at home with them: Money 16, Kenneth 10 and Ellen 9.

(Source:, Page 7A; Enumeration District 11; Image 265.0 Copy of original census image in family notebooks)

07 Aug 1952 – Death of Lettie (Boling) Conley in Greenup County, KY

(Source – KY Death Records 1911-2000, Rootsweb; Death Certificate #18645, Vol 038, 1952)

01 Oct 1954 – Obit of Charles Lewis Collins [Charley Collins], Will Conley is listed as his ½ brother living in Ashland, KY

(Source – Jackson County Herald, Jackson County, OH)

31 Oct 1956 – death of William H Conley, Age 80, Residence Greenup; Volume 45, Certificate #22805. Copy of Will’s death certificate sent to me by Larry Cameron. Will is widowed, retired farmer. He dies from liver cancer.

The death certificate states that Will’s father is William Henry Conley. ‘II’ is listed in pen after Will’s father’s name.

There appears to be an error on Will’s death certificate as the physician lists June 2, 56 as the last day he saw Will alive. The death certificate states his date of death as 31 Oct 1956 and the physician signs it 11-1-56. Will’s burial is also listed as 02 Nov 1956.

(Source: KY Death Index, 1911-2000,

18 May 1973 – Death of William Monroe Conley (I have pictures and documents for William Monroe’s children.)

(Source – Gloria Unrue tree,

11 Dec 1979 – Death of Jay Conley in Greenup County, KY at age 74. Buried in Rose Hill Burial Park, Ashland, KY.

(Source- Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

07 Jan 1982 – Death of Mae Conley (Adkins) at age 83

(Source – Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

11 Jan 1988 – Death of Orville Conley in Ironton, Lawrence County, OH

(Source – Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

22 Oct 1988 – Death of Lizzie (Elizabeth) Conley (Sallie) om Bellefonte Hospital, Russell County, KY. Buried in Sallie Cemetery

31 Oct 1997 – Death of Nellie Conley (Brown) in Grayson, Carter County, KY at age 87 from a stroke. Nellie is Larry Cameron’s grandmother

(Source – Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

01 May 2003 – Death of Monie (Money) Conley (Blevins, Crum, Moore) Known to her family as ‘Dutch’; known to Manuel and Bud Collins as ‘Aunt Dutch’

(Source – Manuel Collins and Brown Cameron tree, – Larry Cameron)

25 Nov 2004 – Death of Kenneth Conley (aka Doc) in Greenup, Greenup County, KY

18 Aug 2005 – Death of Ellen Conley (Smith, Miller) in Snoddy Daisey, TN. Known to her family as Babe.

Charles Lewis Collins

04 Mar 1880 – Birth of Charles Lewis Collins, the oldest child of Griffin III Collins and Margaret Milam. He is our Grandfather (Annie Collins Storland and Sandy Collins Chapman). He is not listed on the 1880 United States Census in Johnson County, Kentucky. His parents marriage is listed on the Johnson County KY site as 11 Feb 1880.

15 Mar 1890 – Family must have been living in Bonanza, KY as that is where his youngest brother Bud is born. Bonanza, KY is about 7 miles from Prestonsburg where William Sherman Collins, their ½ brother lived.

(Source WWI Draft Card of Bud Collins )

1898 – Possibly the first marriage for Charley. This is derived from the 1930 Census where he states he was 18 at the time of his first marriage.

1905 – Birth of Elbert Collins in Johnson County KY per Elbert’s daughter, Barbara Ratliff Edmonds.

22 Jan 1906 – Marriage Record of Vilett Ratliff 23, d/o Riley and Judy Ratliff to Charlie Collins 25, son of Griffin and Margaret Collins. They were married in Paintsville, Johnson County, KY. Notation on license is "father of bride present" It states that this is the first marriage for both.

They were married at John Colvin’s. John was married to Sarah Collins, daughter of Griffin III and his first wife, Rachel Collins. Sarah was Grandpa’s ½ sister – unless the family legend about her being the child of one of Griffin’s brother is true – then she’s really Grandpa’s cousin.

(Source – Marriage Bond and Certificate #91 in Book 21 at the Johnson County Courthouse, Paintsville KY. Copy is in the family notebooks.)

11 Sep 1912 – Marriage of Charles Collins 31, son of Giffin Collins and Margaret Milens to Bertha Mae Estep 23, daughter of Joseph Estep and Lydia M Dilis (Diles) in Franklin County, OH. Groom’s marital status is listed as unknown and his previous wife’s name is listed as "X"

Finally found the record of this marriage on 06 Jun 2010, been looking for this since 1977!

(Source – Family Search, Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958, reference number Item 2, Page 298)

28 May 1913 – Birth of Homer Joseph Collins in Franklin County, OH

(Source – Death Certificate #71910, State of Ohio, Ross County)

23 Sep 1915 – Birth of Howard Wilson Collins

(Source – Obituary published in the Portsmouth Times 06 Apr 1992 and, Ohio Deaths 1908-1932,1938-1944, 1958-2002)

12 Sep 1918 – Grandpa Charley signs his WWI Draft Registration Card in Franklin County, OH. Notation on his card states that Lucasville, OH will be his address October 1918

(Source –, Roll: WWI 1832196; Draft Board 0; Location Franklin County, OH. Copy of draft card is in family notebooks)

28 Dec 1918 – Birth of Chester Earl Collins, father of Annie Collins Storland and Sandy Collins Chapman in Lucasville, Scioto County, OH.

1919 – Portsmouth City Directory, published in 1920 show Collins, Charles (Bertha), grocer 2344 9th, h – indicates the store is in their home. Sandy Collins Chapman found the record in the library in Portsmouth, OH on one of our excursions.

(Copy of directory page in family notebooks)

15 Mar 1922 – Birth of Dorothy (Janette) Collins in Hillards, Franklin County, OH (15 Mar is also the birthday of Grandpa Charley’s brother, Bud in 1890)

15 Feb 1923 - Death of Dorothy Collins in Long Branch, Clay County, Florida. She is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery.

(Source for her birth and death: Family Search, Florida Deaths, 1877-1939, film number 2116238, reference number cn 1408. Family legend since 1977, confirmed on 06 Jun 2010)

04 Mar 1924 – Birth of Thelma Lucile Collins 4:15 a.m. in Lucasville, Scioto County, OH

(Source – Birth Certificate #1161, File #19 State of Ohio)

12 May 1926 – Birth of Ruth Marie Collins in Bloomfield Twp, Jackson County, OH

(Birth Certificate #4952, State of Ohio and, Social Security Death Index 298-18-3076)

25 Apr 1930 – Family is in the 1930 United States Census in Wellston City, Wellston Twp, Second Ward, Jackson County, OH.

(Source – 1930 Census, Roll 1828, Page 19 A, Enumeration District 21, Image 480.0)

1933 – Lived about 3 miles outside of Grayson, Carter County, Kentucky. They were taking care of Aunt Corrie who was bedridden. Corrie passed away 10 Jun 1933.

Aunt Lucille said it was the highlight of her existence when they could walk to the Post Office.

(Source – Aunt Lucille)

Also may have been in Bartley, Mc Dowell County, West Virginia. Grandpa’s brother, Bud was living there then.

(Source – Henry Collins, son of Morris Collins. Morris was raised by Uncle Bud. Henry told Annie Collins Storland and Sandy Collins Chapman a story he knew of "Uncle Charley" during the depression)

25 Nov 1936 – Death of Homer Joseph Collins; struck by an automobile driven by a drunk driver while working on his coal truck that had broken down on Route #35, 3 miles below Richmondale, OH.

(Source – Ohio Death Certificate #71910 and The Jackson Herald Volume 71-Number 94; Friday, November 27, 1936)

1940-1941 – The family was living in Lima, OH. Dorothy, their granddaughter was living with them and attended 2nd and 3rd grade there.

(Source – Dorothy Collins Beckner)

1942 – World War II Registration Card for Charles Lewis Collins, Rt 4, Jackson, Jackson County, OH. Grandpa was 62 years old, married to Grandma (Bertha) and working for the WPA. His signature is on the card. Serial number U 241. This registration was for men born on or after Apr 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897.

(Source –; Roll 2372509; Local Board: Jackson, OH)

1943 – It appears to be late spring or summer for the picture of the Conley family gathering. Grandma Bertha and Grandpa Charley, Aunt Lucille and Aunt Ruth with Uncle Jack are pictured with Will and Lettie Conley’s family. The picture is in the possession of Larry Cameron.

22 Jan 1948 – Death of Bertha Mae Estep, Charley’s wife for 35 years. Their address was Rt 4, Bloomfield Twp, Jackson County, OH. Her birth date is listed as 13 May 1889. It says she is to be buried in Pike Co Cemetery, Pike County, OH. We know that she is actually buried in Owl Creek Cemetery, Pike County, OH.

(Source – OH Death Certificate #17705; photos from Owl Creek Cemetery)

After Jan 1948 – Grandpa Charley did go down to be with or near his brother Bud Collins in the Bartley, W V area for a time.

(Source – Henry Collins, son of Morris Collins, son of Laura Collins – sister of Charley Collins)

09 Jan 1949 – Separation papers of Dad (Chester Earl Collins, b 1918) from the Army. His address was listed as 932 S Elizabeth St, Lima, OH. I am not sure if this was Grandpa’s address. Maybe it was Aunt Lucille’s.

06 May 1950 – Marriage of Chester Earl Collins, b 1918 and Anna Louise Svonavec b 1928 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH. Sometime shortly after they were married, Mom met a ‘Mrs. Collins’ who’s first name was Laura. Family legend says Grandpa Charley took his radio and told her he was going to get a haircut, never to return to her.

1951 – Grandpa Charley married Grandma Lizzie (Elizabeth Scarberry). Family legend says they were childhood sweethearts – Grandma would have been around 18, Grandpa would have been abt 32. It is the belief of Mom and I that her first child Virginia Mae Rose may have been Grandpa Charley’s. We have no proof of this.

(Source – Marriage of 1951, notes taken by Jim Storland in abt 1982 when talking to Grandma Lizzie. She had a wealth of information on Grandpa Charley and his family, I wish I would have talked to her about more)

30 Sep 1954 – Death of Charles Lewis Collins, retired coal miner. Address Rt 4, Pattonsville, Jackson County, OH, age 74. Burial was in Owl Creek Cemetery. Parents names are "checkmarks"

(Source – OH Death Certificate #57544)

Cora Collins

Looking for a sister of Grandpa Charley’s named Cora started with a story from Aunt Lucille (aka Aunt Ceil). She is our Dad’s (Chester Earl Collins b 1918) sister. She remembered living about 3 miles outside of Grayson, Carter County, KY around January 1933 to take care of Cora as she was bedridden. Cora was widowed, her husband’s name was Robert Jackson.

Charley and his family (wife Bertha and children – I assume, Howard 17, Earl 14, Lucille 8 and Ruth 6) probably rented a home and Cora (Corrie) lived with them. Homer was 20 then, not sure if he was with them or not.

In an email from Aunt Lucille she said she remembered a son named Tandy. We (Aunt Lucille and Aunt Ruth) always wanted to please Aunt Corrie but it seemed she hated us. She (Aunt Corrie) would throw things at us. As a child, I (Lucille) did not understand how ill she was and that might have been why she was so mean.

"I remember Daddy had gone fishing that night, and when he got home they told him that Cora had died. He said he saw a big white light come across the creek and he said he knew Corrie was gone."

1880 United States Census – Carter County, KY – Robert Jackson, age 26, born about 1854 is living with his wife Caroline and two children, Margaret 9 and William 1.

(Source –; Roll 408, Family History Film #1254408, Page 501 D, Enumeration District 13, Image 0284)

06 Jun 1900 United States Census – Precinct # 1 (west part), Grayson town, Carter County, KY – Robert Jackson, age 47, born Jul 1853 is living with his wife Caroline and son Willie born Mar 1879. Two children have been born, two children are alive (Margaret b abt 1871 in the 1880 Census). Robert and Caroline have been married 22 years.

(Source – Family Search, beta site; Household #52, Family #54, Sheet #3 B)

1910 United States Census – Grayson, Carter County, KY – Robert Jackson is living in his son’s household, Will L Jackson age 32. Ida M, Will’s wife is 22, Winna is 3 and Jennings is 1 ½.

(Source - Family Search, beta site; Family #193, Page #11)

27 Apr 1910 United States Census – Magisterial District #3, Boyd County, KY – Head of household is Margaret Collins listed as widowed. (Griffin Collins, her husband passed away on the 12th of Apr 1910). Living in Margaret’s household are Cora 25, Bud 20, Morris 4, Mary 3, Lee 2 – all going by the last name of Collins and listed as Margaret’s children. Morris and Lee are sons of Margaret’s daughter, Laura (they are being raised by Bud). Mary is the daughter of Cora Collins as evidenced by later census records.

(Source –; Roll T624.464; Page 11B; Enumeration District 17; Image 790)

08 Nov 1911 – Marriage of Cora Collins, age 26 - born 1885 and Robert Jackson, age 58 – born 1853 in Carter County, KY. Groom’s parents are Sam Salyers and Betsy Jackson. Bride’s father’s name is listed as George Collins. The name of George Collins is crossed out on her death certificate. Her father should be listed as Griffin. I do not know why it is listed as George.

(Source – Family Search, beta site; KY Marriages 1785-1979, KY EASy; Source Film #1842856, Reference #357)

08 Sep 1914 – Birth of Tandy Jackson, Carter County, KY- mother Cora Collins

(Source –, KY Birth Index 1911-1999)

01 Nov 1918 – Birth of Cora W Jackson, Carter County, KY – mother Cora Collins

(Source – Email from Sherrie Gray 26 Feb 2006 via email thru GenForum. She obtained record in the KY Birth Index; Family Search – beta site; Ohio Deaths 1908-1953)

20 & 22 Jan 1920 United States Census – Precinct #1, Court House, Carter County, KY – Robert Jackson, age 65 – born 1855 [he lost 2 years, age s/b 67-68] and Kora (Collins) Jackson, age 38 [born 1882] own their home, free and clear. Four children are listed all going by the last name of Jackson – Mary 13 [who was Mary Collins in the 1910 Census], Flossie 7, Tandy 6 and Lara 1 3/12ths.

I believe Lara s/b Cora W Jackson who was born 01 Nov 1918 – record is in the KY Birth Index, showing mother as Cora Collins, Carter County. The age of Lara does fit the birth record on Cora W. Later on a death record for their son Tandy, the informant listed is Lora Collins. It is hard to follow because in the 1930 Census Lara (or Cora?) is listed as Nora.

(Source –; Roll T625_565; Page 6B; Enumeration District 59, Image 73)

30 Oct 1925 – Death of Mary Jackson, age 19, Kimball, McDowell, West Virginia. Her estimated birth year was 1906 in KY [which would fit our Mary Collins Jackson]. Mary dies from TB and the actual record is available to look at. The informant was someone with the last name of __ Livingston, no first name listed and I cannot read the first initial of the name. She is listed as single; her parents names are question marks and the birth date is blank.

This would explain why, once again, Uncle Bud (b 1890) has a child name Leonard 7, listed with him in the 1930 Census. Mary Jackson would have died abt 2 yrs after Leonard was born.

I don’t have hard proof that this is our Mary Collins Jackson but the pieces fit. I will leave the record as part of our family history.

(Source – Family Search – beta site; West Virginia Deaths 1853-1970, Entry line #20 on original record)

17 Apr 1930 United States Census – Grayson, Carter County, KY – Robert Jackson, age 78 (born abt 1852) and Cora Jackson, age 45 (born abt 1885, her age according to other records should be 48). Children in the household are listed as Flossie 17, Tandy is listed as 10 but should be listed as 15 according to the original document, Nora (Cora or Lora) 11 and Woodroe 7. Dwelling or household # 99, Family #99 - They owned their home, value $200 – lived on a farm. On this census it asks your age at first marriage, Robert states he was 22 and Cora says she was 27 – if Robert was her first marriage Cora would have been 29.

(Source –; Roll 739, Page 8A, Enumeration District 2, Image 43.0)

1932 – Two military records for a Robert Jackson; U S Veterans Gravesites, this Robert Jackson died in 1932 and the other is U S Army, Register of Enlistments 1798-1914 for Robert Jackson. Have not been able to obtain these two records as of this date.

10 Jun 1933 – Death of Cora Jackson, 51 years old, Carter County, KY Vol 57, Death Certificate #13192; Records show husband’s name is Bob Jackson

(Source – Sherrie Gray via email, 26 Feb 2006; KY Death Records 1852-1953)

22 Jun 1941 – Death of Tandy Jackson, in Portsmouth, Scioto County Ohio at the age of 26 years, 8 months and 14 days. He was married to Juanita, lived at 1204 Front Street and was a laborer for the WPA. Tandy is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. His father’s name is listed as Robert Jackson.

Greenlawn Cemetery, 1000 Green Lawn, Columbus, OH 43223 (southern section of Columbus) 614-444-1123

(Source – Family Search, beta site; Ohio Deaths 1908-1953 and Ohio Death Certificate #39083)

02 Sep 1995 – Death of Woodrow Jackson, Age 73, Carter County, KY, Vol 48, Death Certificate #23756

(Source – Sherrie Gray 26 Feb 2006 via email, GenForum; KY Death Index 1911- Present; Rootsweb KY Death Records 1911-2000)

There is a Social Security Death Index record for Woodrow Jackson, 407-42-2737, Grayson, Carter County, KY 41143, born 07 May 1922, died 15 Sep 1992. The death date differs from the death certificate, however, I believe this is our Woodrow.

Laura Collins

Sandy Collins Chapman and Annie Collins Storland have been looking for documentation on our Great Aunt Laura since 1977 and found nothing. We were able to obtain a picture of her from Helen and Henry Collins. Thank you, Jeff for providing us the file.

Just in the last few days, we have found actual records of Laura and her life in Franklin County, Ohio. Family legend states she was never married. She had two sons, Morris whose father is only known by Mr. Lewis and Lee whose father is said to have been Eli Dale.

The story with Mr. Lewis involves our grandfather, Charles Lewis Collins (b 1880) and his brother, Bud Collins (b 1890). They apparently did not like Mr. Lewis as they paid him a visit. Charley and Bud gave him two choices – stay and die or leave and live. Mr. Lewis chose to leave and live. (In those days, you did not mess with the Collins boys)

Last fall, I (Annie) met Kelly Young and her mother, Carol Collins (d/o Laura Lucinda Collins Young Shingleton>Lee Andrew Collins>Laura Collins). That is the first time, I knew that Lee’s actual given name was Lee Andrew. Several years ago, in a conversation Sandy & I were having with Henry Collins he referred to Lee as Lee Dale. I had always heard him called Lee Dale when he came up in conversation. Lee Dale and our Uncle Howard were said to have kept in touch at some time in their lives. I always thought Dale was his middle name, not thinking it was his ‘last’ name.

Kelly and Carol were gracious to share pictures of him and information they knew about Lee and his family. A big thank you to them.

I should also take the time to thank Bud Collins (b 1946) and his wife, Linda for keeping and sharing information that they had. It was because of them I was able to google on the internet and make the connection with Carol Collins.

Back to Laura…her life is somewhat of a mystery but there are some more pieces that have recently come to light via a site from Family Search beta. Those of you with a computer who wish to find information on our ancestors can spend a lot of time there. It is a site which also gives access to some documents and the site is free.

Laura C Collins is found in the Ohio 1910 Miracode Index in Franklin County, Columbus, OH but that is not our Laura. She is listed as 30 years old which would put her born in 1880 and we know that is when Grandpa Charley was born. Also, she is listed later in the 1930 Census with her husband, Homer W Collins.

Even though it has been passed down Laura never married, the other day I came across a document that stating otherwise:

Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958

Groom’s name: Randolph L Collins b 1868 age 48

Bride’s name: Laura Collins b 1883 age 33

Marriage Date: 08 May 1916

Marriage Place: Franklin Co, OH

Groom’s Father’s Name: Nathan Collins

Groom’s Mother’s Name: Susan Newman

Bride’s Father’s Name: Griffin Collins

Bride’s Mother’s Name: Margaret Miler

(Source – 29 Sep 1910 Family, beta site; Film number 1854966, pg 379)

When this record was found I (Annie) remembered a conversation with Mary Magdalene Collins Hudler in Abingdon, VA on 26 October 2009. Mary was Laura’s first grandchild and is the daughter of Morris and Ora Collins. In looking through my notes Mary said there was a man named ‘Dolph’ Collins who was buried with Uncle Bud (1890) in JoLo. There was no headstone. He was an older man she said that would sit and talk with Uncle Bud about planes in the air and the end times. Mary Magdalene was not sure who Dolph was for sure but that he would visit in the 1930’s and that he died in the later 30’s.

Well, here we find out Dolph Collins was Laura’s husband. It appears that they were married for about 8 years, if Laura died around 1924. Another family legend, was that Laura died when she was about 22, which is false. If she was born in 1883 she would have been 41 in 1924. A note says that Laura died when Morris was about 18 from pneumonia. (Morris was born about 1906, he would have been 18 in 1924)

The other record I found on Laura is in the 1920 United States Census. It appears that Dolph and Laura were living in a boarding house as they are listed with 20 other people:

Name: Laura Collins

Residence: Franklin, Ohio

Estimated birth year: 1894 (1883 on her marriage record)

Age: 26 (if 1883, she would be 37)

Gender: Female

Race: White

Marital Status: Married

Father’s birthplace: Virginia

Mother’s birthplace: Kentucky

Sheet Number: 6 Image #01118

(Source –; beta site, film #1821381, digital folder #4383996)

The other information found was on Randolph L Collins of which I will list because it gives some insight into his life:

Ohio Marriages 1800-1958:

Anna (Annie) Giesel Age 17 to Randolph L Collins, Age 21; on 30 Mar 1892 in Coal Grove, Ohio; bride’s mother Emma Giesel; Vol 16, page 20, no 2

Clara Pough Age 27 b 1876 in Buffalo, NY to Randolph L Collins, Age 35 born in WV married 12 Oct 1903. Groom’s Father: Nathaniel Collins; Groom’s Mother: Newman; Groom’s Marital Status: Unknown; Bride’s previous husband: Beard

Laura Collins – see info listed above

West Virginia Marriages 1853-1970

Helen White Marriage Place:McDowell, West Virginia, USA; date of marriage 1926 to Randolph L Collins (Source – County Records, image #00174)

Daisy Bailey Marriage Place: McDowell, West Virginia, USA; date of marriage 1932 to Randolph Collins (Source – County Records, image #00370)

Randolph Collins is also found in the 1900 United States Census in Franklin County (Ohio), Montgomery Township, Precinct D, Columbus City Ward 13:

Collins, Randolph head of household Oct 1867 Age 32 b WV

Anna wife Mar 1876 Age 24 b OH

Harry H son Nov 1895 Age 04 b OH

Giesel, Emma mother in law Oct 1850 Age 49 b Germany

Census record shows they have been married about 8 years, have had 1 child, 1 alive. They are renting their home at 731 West Town Street and are listed on Sheet #5 as Household #108 and Family #115. (Source – – beta site)

Later I find Harry A Collins b 1896 in Ironton, OH - age 19 marries Laura M McCullough b 1897 in Columbus, OH – age 18. The marriage takes place in Franklin County, OH on 03 Apr 1915. Groom’s parents are Randolph L Collins and Annie Giesel. (Source – – beta site; Ohio EASy, film #1854965, reference # p 164)

Harry Arthur Collins dies on 26 Feb 1931 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio at the age of 35 years, 3 months and 20 days. It states he was born in Ironton, Ohio and lived at 1080 20th Ave, Columbus, OH. He is buried in East Lawn Cemetery. I do have a copy of his death certificate 9189.

On the death record it is stated that Harry’s mother is Anna Giese and his father is Randolph Collins.

Emma Collins

Sandy Collins Chapman and Annie Collins Storland kept ‘bumping’ into a record of Emma Collins born 1888, child of Griffin Collins and Margaret Milum. There were various email addresses listed for Margaret Case who had listed the information. For several years, I tried to contact her via email and the emails were returned as the addresses were invalid.

In talking with Manuel Collins and Bud Collins (1947) in May 2008 they remembered Aunt Emmy coming to their father’s funeral. She was wearing a bonnet.

Then on 22 Mar 2009, Sandy Collins Chapman sent me an email with a couple of things she found by Margaret Case. One had an email address I had not tried so off went another email. This one sailed through the airwaves and Margaret Case responded. She had posted on 19 May 2006 looking for the family of Bud Collins, b15 Mar 1890 - d 17 Jun 1963. Margaret’s message had been out there for almost 3 years.

The story as told to me by Margaret (Shepherd) Case (g granddaughter of Emma) is that Emma was about 16 years old when she married Henry Wright. Henry was considerably older than Emma and had a family already. When Emma married Henry, Emma never saw her father, Griffin Collins again. Griffin Collins died about 3 years after Emma married.

16 Jul 1862 – Birth of Henry Wright, Johnson County, KY

15 Dec 1887 – Birth of Emma Collins

08 Feb 1907 – Marriage of Emma Collins b 1888, Johnson County KY to Henry Wright b 1867, Johnson County, KY in Lawrence Co, OH. Groom’s parents are Balis Wright and Isabel Jent; bride’s parents are D Collins and Margaret Mullen (s/b G [Griffin] Collins and Margaret Milam)

(Source – Family Search, beta site; Ohio Marriages 1800-1958, Ohio-EASy, Source Film #317724, pg 329, cn 4379)

22 Sep 1908 – Birth of Roy Wright, son of Henry and Emma Collins Wright

Abt 1910 – Birth of Mollie Wright

07 May 1911 – Birth of Ed Wright

15 May 1918 – Birth of Homer and Goldie Wright, ‘twins’ in Drift, Floyd County, KY

Abt 1921 – Birth of May Wright

Abt 1924 – Birth of Euela Wright

04 Jun 1926 – Birth of Raymond Wright, son of Henry and Emma Collins Wright in Spurlock, Clay County, KY

02 Feb 1940 – Death of Henry Wright in Floyd County, KY; husband of Emma Wright

(Source – KY Death Records 1852-1953 and Drift Cemetery records )

28 Aug 1952 – Death of Homer Wright in Cabell County, West Virginia. Homer was the son of Henry Wright and Emma Collins Wright. Homer was born in Drift, Floyd County, KY. It appears that Homer had a infection complicated by kidney problems. Homer was only 34 years old.

(Source – West Virginia State Department of Health, Certificate of Death. The record can be found at ""&HYPERLINK ""Type=Death)

The following information was found online at

Drift Cemetery, Drift, KY:

Alice Carol Wright 16 Jan 1913 29 Oct 1991 w/o Ed Wright

Ed Wright 07 May 1911 17 Jun 1983 s/o Henry & Emma Wright

h/o Alice Carol Wright

Edna Wright Abt 1930 twin daughter of Ed & Alice Wright

Emma Wright 15 Dec 1887 07 Jan 1970

d/o Griffin & Margaret Milam Collins

w/o Henry Wright

Esta Wright Abt 1930 twin daughter of Ed & Alice Wright

Henry Wright 16 Jul 1862 02 Feb 1940 h/o Emma Wright

Mary Ann Wright 07 May 1942 17 Apr 1943 d/o Ed & Alice Wright

(Per email with Margaret Case, Drift cemetery is about 2-3 miles from her house)



















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